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000 Foundations and Basic Commitments

100 School Board Governance and Operations

200 General School Administration

300 Fiscal Management

400 Support Services

     500 Human Resources

     600 Instruction

     700 Students

     800 Facilities Development

     900 Community Relations


000 Foundations and Basic Commitments


006-1 Prayer at School Functions

023-1 Comprehensive Planning

030-1 Standards for Accrediting Schools in Virginia

041-1 Teaching/Treatment of Controversial Issues

044-1 Academic Freedom for Teachers

050-1 Daily Observance of One Minute of Silence

052.01-1 Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

052.02-1 Playing of the National Anthem

060-5 Communication of Nondiscrimination Statement

063-1 Non-discrimination (Title IX)


200 General School Administration

211-1 Evaluation of the Superintendent

221-1 PWCS Organizational Chart

222-1 Contracted Agreements - Charter Schools

230.01-1 School Advisory Councils

250-1 Policy Communication

261-1 Guidelines for Developing the Annual School Calendar

261-2 Religious Holidays — Scheduling Tests, Major School Activities

261.02-1 Length of School Day

261.03-1 Length of School Term

263-1 Employment of Educational Consultants

264-2 Boundary Planning Process — Student Housing

270-1 School Site Administration

270-2 Designation of Persons to be Temporarily in Charge of School

270-3 School-Based Management

271-1 Animals in the School

271-2 Service Animals

273.02-1 Interruptions in the School Day

275-1 Wellness Plan

291-1 Copyrights

292-1 Responsibility and Accountability for Records

295-1 Computer Systems and Network Services — PWCS Responsible Use and Internet Safety Policy

295-2 Website Development and Implementation


300 Fiscal Management

322-2 Procurement Card Management
322-2 Attachment A - Statement of Responsibility
322-2 Attachment B - Employee Acknowledgement Disclosure
322-2 Attachment C - New Procurement Card Requests, Changes, and Cancellation form
322-2 Attachment E —Procurement Card Management Form (Excel File)
322-2 Attachment F — Full Accounting Form/Mileage Reimbursement Form (Excel File)
(This same form is also found under R382.01-1 Attachment F)

333-1 Seeking, Securing and Managing Public and Private Grants

341-1 Guidelines for School Fund-Raising Activities

341-2 Sales of Goods and Services Within the School

341-3 Online Solicitations and Crowdfunding Activities

345.01-1 Guidelines for Purchasing, Accounting, and Disposition of Textbooks

346-1 Tuition

346-2 School Based Extensions of the Instructional Program

350-1 Property Capitalization, Useful Lives and Depreciation

350.01-1 Financial Reports to Annual School Plan Advisory Councils

351-1 Reporting, Investigating and Prosecuting Fraud, Embezzlement, and Other Irregularities

352-1 Guidelines for Career and Technical Education Services Performed by Students

354.01-1 Management of Student Funds

361-1 Authority and Responsibilities of the Office of Internal Audit

380-1 Payroll Processing and Pay Submission

381-1 Deadlines for Payment of Bills/Request for Manual Vendor Checks

381-2 End of Fiscal Year Procedures

381.01-2 Reimbursement to Appropriated Funds From Student Activity Fund

382.01-1 Employee Reimbursement
382.01-1 Attachment F - Full Accounting Form/Expense Reimbursement Voucher (Excel file)
(This same form is also found under R322-2 Attachment F)

382.01-2 Gift Cards/Certificates

384-1 Overpayments to Employees

384-2 Pay Statement and Paycheck Distribution

384-3 Deferred Compensation

384-4 Direct Deposit of Payroll

385-1 Payroll Deductions

385-2 Taxable Use of School Board Owned Vehicles

390-1 Division Insurance Coverage/Student Management System

400 Support Services


401.01-1 Incident Command Center (ICC) Operation

401.01-2 Crisis Management Readiness

401.01-3 Security Video Surveillance Systems— Maintenance

401.01-4 Access to Buildings

401.01-5 Playground Safety Program

401.01-6 Bleacher Safety Program

401.01-7 Key Control

401.01-8 Extreme Weather Conditions

403-1 Use of Tobacco Products

403.01-1 Safety Patrols

403.05-1 Hazard Communication Program

403.08-1 Safety Equipment

403.08-2 Automated External Defibrillators

403.09-1 Physical Education Safety

403.09-2 Safe Operation of Dangerous Equipment by Staff and Students

403.09-3 Use of Art Materials and Equipment

403.09-4 Safety Program - Climbing Walls and Climbing Ropes

403.10-1 Hazardous Waste Disposal Procedure & Removal of Excess Supply

404.01-1 Shelter Activation Procedures

404.04-1 School Closing Due to Hazardous Conditions

405.02-1 Damage to School Equipment and Property

408-1 Fire Safety
408-1 Attachment I PWC Application for Temporary Activity Permit
408-1 Attachment II PWC Operational Permit - Special Assembly
408-1 Attachment III PWCS Special Assembly/Temporary Activity Permit

410.01 Preventive Maintenance

410.02 Periodic Facility Review Process

410.03-1 Custodial Services Operations

410.03-2 Cleanliness Evaluations

410.03-3 Custodial Training

410.03-4 Custodial Supply Control

410.03-5 Grounds Equipment Control

410.03-6 Integrated Pest Management Program

410.04 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

410.05 Procedures for Conducting and Reporting Snow / Ice Removal from Facilities Sites

410.06 Emergency On-Call Personnel – Facilities Services

414.03-1 Music Instrument Repair

420-1 Replacement of Equipment

422-1 Property Classification, Accountability and Responsibility

422-2 Procedures for Ordering Expendable Property From The Warehouse

423-1 Gifts to the School System

424.02-1 Disposition of Surplus and Unserviceable Property

424.03-2 Disposal of Instructional Materials - Building Level Instructional Materials

426.01-1 Removal of Equipment from School Board Property

426.01-2 Accounting of Student “Take-Home” Digital Devices that are Classified as Expendable Property

431-1 Transportation Services

431-2 Authorized School Bus Passengers

431-3 Responsibilities of the Office of Transportation Services

431-4 Transportation for Students, Safety on School Buses

431-5 School Bus Safety Programs

431-6 Qualification Standards for Activity Bus Driver

431-7 Bus/Field Trip Support for Public Agencies

432-1 School Board Owned Vehicles

432-2 Vehicle Preventative Maintenance and Repair

432-3 Procedures for Reporting a Crash While Driving a PWCS Administrative Vehicle

432-4 Vehicle Mechanic Tool Subsidy Allowance Program

451-1 Breakfast Program 

452-1 Nutritional Integrity

456-1 Food Donation Program

460-1 Payment for Charged Food Purchases

461.01-1 Free and Reduced Price Meals

462-1 Use and Storage of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Donated Foods

464-1 Price of Meals

470-1 Purchasing

470-2 Purchasing of Information Technology Equipment, Systems, and Software

470-3 Lease Purchase Agreements

471.02-1 Courier Service

492-1 Underground and Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks

494-1 Energy Conservation 

494-2 Utilities Operations

494-3 Recycling Program

500 Human Resources


501-1 Employee Job Descriptions

501-2 Preemployment Reference Check/Background Investigations on Prospective Employees

501-3 Fingerprinting of New Employees and Volunteers

501-4 Criminal Conviction History of Candidates for Employment

501-5 Employee Identification 

503.01-1 Procedures to Follow If a Specific Recommendation for Professional Services Is Requested

503.02-1 Standards of Professional Conduct for All Employees

503.03-1 Solicitation and Selling

503.04-1 Conflict of Interest
Attachment I — Disclosure of Personal Interests and Commitment to Avoid Conflicts of Interest with Employment by the Prince William County Public Schools
Attachment II — Declaration of Interest and Disqualification Regarding a Transaction
Attachment III — Declaration of Interest Regarding a Transaction

504-1 Drug-Free and Alcohol-Free Work Place

504-2 Drug and Alcohol Testing

505-1 Employee's Central Office Human Resources File (Personnel File)

505-2 Release of Personnel Information/Records

505-3 Review of Active and Inactive Personnel Files

505-4 Professional References

506-1 Benefits and Working Conditions of All Employees

506-2 Employee Recognition

506-3 Employee Rights

507.01-1 Sexual Harassment Involving Employees

507-1 Complaint Procedures for Claims of Discrimination in Employment

508.01-1 Procedures for Adjusting Grievances for Certificated Employees

508.02-1 Procedures For Adjusting Grievances For Administrative and Classified Employees

511-1 Management and Administrative Employees, Selection Procedure

511-2 Certificated Personnel — Staffing Procedures

511-3 Certificated Employees — Assignments, Transfers, Promotions and Reassignments

511-4 Certificated Employees — Selection Procedures

511-5 Certificated Personnel — Part-Time Teachers

511-6 Teaching or Supervising Immediate Family Members

511-7 Substitute Teachers and Substitute Teacher Assistants

511-8 Temporary Personnel

511-9 Criteria and Procedures for the Selection of Supplemental Contract Coaches and Extra-Curricular Sponsors

511-10 Criteria for the Selection and the Use of Non-Contract Volunteers

511-11 Classified Employees — Selection Procedures

511-12 Transfers, Promotions, and Reassignment of Classified Personnel

511-13 Appointments and Releases

512-1 Recruitment of Employees

513.01-1 Certificated Employees — Licensing

513.01-2 Local Eligibility License

513.02-1 Operation of PWCS Vehicles

514-1 Health Requirements and Medical Examinations

521.01-1 Certificated Personnel — Continuing Contracts

523-1 Position Classification for All Employee Groups

524-1 Management - Guidelines for Determining Grades and Salaries 

524-2 Management

524-3 Certificated Personnel - Guidelines for Determining Grades and Salaries 

524-4 Certificated Personnel — Compensation—Upgrading of Contracts

524-5 Classified Personnel—Guidelines for Determining Grades and Salaries

525-1 Establishment of Supplemental Contract Coach and Extra-Curricular Sponsor Positions

526-1 Non-Exempt - Compensation Provisions for Non-Exempt Employees

531-1 Insurance Protection

532-1 Workers' Compensation and Injury Leave Benefits

533-1 Certificated & Classified Personnel, Tuition Reimbursement
Attachment I — Fully Licensed Teachers - Tuition Reimbursement Request Form
Attachment II — Provisionally Licensed Teachers - NCLB Tuition Reimbursement Request Form
Attachment III — Classified Tuition Reimbursement Request Form
Attachment IV — Tuition Remimbursement Payment Form

534-1 Insurance Protection for Employees - Unemployment Compensation

541-1 Holidays

542-1 Annual Leave

542-2 Sick Leave

542-3 Temporary Leave

542-4 Civil Leave

542-5 Personal Leave

542-6 Professional Leave

542-7 Military Leave

542-8 Family-Friendly Leave

542-9 Liberal Leave

543-1 Sick Leave Bank

543-2 Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Plans

544-1 Leave Without Pay

544-2 Family Medical Leave
Attachment I - Employee Certification
Attachment II - Family Member's Certification

545-1 Benefits at Separation

551-1 Orientation Program

552.01-1 Classified Personnel — Probationary Period

554-1 Procedures for Reduction In Force

555-1 Certificated Personnel, Dismissal/Non-renewal of Contract

555-2 Resignation

555-3 Retirement - Virginia Retirement System 

555-4 Classified Personnel - Dismissal and Appeal Process

555-5 Retirement Opportunity Program

561-1 All Employees - Telework

561-2 Certificated Personnel - Responsibilities, Duties, and Workday

561-3 Children of Staff in School Division Buildings and Vehicles

561-4 Management - Responsibilities, Duties, and Workday

561-5 Complaints Against Employees Other Than Discrimination or Grievances

562.01-1 Certificated Personnel - Planning Time

563-1 Classified Personnel — Work Week

563-2 School Security Patrol, Security Patrol Dispatcher, and School Patrol Squad Leader’s Time and Leave Exceptions

571-1 Evaluation

571-2 Evaluation of Itinerant Teachers

572-1 Disciplinary Action

572-2 Certificated Personnel-Licensure Suspension and/or Revocation

572-3 Suspension of Employees 

572-4 Unauthorized Leave

581-1 Certificated and Classified Personnel - Professional Learning 

591-1 Employment Outside of Prince William County Public Schools

592.01-1 Publications

593-1 Professional Rights and Privileges

593-2 Professional Association Memberships

595-1 Student Teachers and Interns


600 Instruction


600-1 Organization of Instructional Program

600-2 Alternatives to Animal Dissection

600-3 Holiday Activities

600-4 English Learner Program for K-12 Schools

601-1 Division Strategic Plan: Instructional Program Goals

601-2 Instructional Standards

601-3 Goals and Objectives

601-4 Prince William County Public Schools Summer Reading List

602-1 Elementary Instructional Day

602-2 Classroom Management— Grouping - All Levels

603-2 High School Program Models for Students with Disabilities

604-1 Instructional Supervision

610.06-1 Program of Studies - Adding Course Offerings 

610.06-2 Enrollment in Course Offerings Other Than at Base School

610.06-3 Student Assistant Courses

610.07-1 Program of Studies - Deletion of Course Offerings

612-1 Program Evaluation and Research Activities: Research/Surveys/Evaluations

622-1 Testing

630.02-1 Specialty Programs

630.02-2 Virtual High School

636-1 Attendance and Excuses - Physical Education  

640-1 Senior High Trips and Proms

640-2 Co-curricular and Extracurricular Programs: Eligibility

642-1 Procedures for Planning Instructional Field Trips, Athletic Trips, and Requests for Activity Buses

643-1 Interscholastic Activities and Competition

643-3 Interscholastic Activities and Competitions - Middle and High School Music Performance Criteria

646-1 School-Sponsored Curriculum-Related Student Clubs, Teams, and Organizations

646-2 Equal Access — Public Secondary Schools, Non-School-Sponsored Student Clubs, Groups or Organizations – Limited Open Forum

647-1 Student Publications

648-1 Student Participation in Intramural and Interscholastic Athletics

648.01-1 Activity Participation Before Testing Days 

648-2 Interscholastic Athletics, Procedures for Prevention of Incidents Involving Officials at County High School Athletic Events

648-3 Off-Campus Athletic Practice

648-4 Behavior Expectations for Coaches

648-5 Out-of-Season Activities

648-6 Interscholastic Activities/Athletic Programs - Admittance to Athletic Events

648-7 Sportsmanship

648-7.1 Conduct in Athletic Contests

649-1 Standards of Learning Remediation Recovery and Remediation Program

651-1 School Counseling Services, Elementary, Middle, and High School

651.01-1 Scholarships and/or Financial Aid Assistance

651-2 Confidentiality of Student-Disclosed Information

652-1 School Library Media Program

653-1 Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials

653-8 Materials: Selection and Adoption/Distribution: Division and Building Level Instructional Materials — Reconsideration of Challenged Materials

661-1 Grading - Elementary School 

661-2 Assessment and Grading Practices - Middle

661-3 Assessment and Grading Practices - High

661-4 Assessment and Grading Principles - Cumulative Assessments/Exams 

661-5 Assessment and Grading Principles - Guidelines for Preparing Assessment

661.01-1 Assessment and Grading - Computing Grade-Point Averages

661.02-1 Recording Parent Conferences

661.04-2 Reporting on Student Academic Progress

661.04-4 Reporting/Grading Procedures - Assignment of Incomplete Grades - Grades 6-12

661.04-5 Reporting/Grading Procedures - Procedures for Recording Grades of Students Who Drop a Class During the School Year – Grades Nine-12

661.04-6 Grading Procedure for Students with Disabilities According to IDEA or Section 504

661.04-8 Student Progress - Analysis and Use of Data on Student Achievement

662-1B Diplomas and Graduation

662-2 Credits for Work-Based Learning Opportunities

662-3B Awarding Standard Units of Credit for Courses Taught by Special Education Teachers to Students Placed by the School Division in Private Schools and Provision of a Prince William County Standard or Advanced Diploma

662-4B Graduation Requirements

662-4C Locally Awarded Verified Units of Credit

662-5 Waiver of Standards of Accreditation Clock Hour Requirement for Award of Standard and verified Units of Credit

663-1 Homework - Grades K-12

663-2 Reporting/Grading Procedures, Summer Assignments — Advanced Courses – Grades Nine through 12

664-1 Honor Roll - Grades 9-12

664-2 Honor Roll — Grades 6–8

664-3 National Honor Society — Grades 11–12

664-4 National Junior Honor Society — Grades 7–8

664-5 Awards, Academic Letters - Grades 9-12 

665-1 Promotion and Retention - Grades Kindergarten-12

673-1 School of Practical Nursing Program (large file)

680-1 Adult Education

681-1 Nontraditional Education Programs

681-2 The High School Equivalency Examination

681-3 Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) Program

681-8 Non-Traditional Methods for Earning Course Credit Towards Graduation

687-1 Homebound Instruction

687-2 Home-Based Instruction

689-1Summer School Employment—Centralized and Site Based Program

690-1 Special Education

690-3 Section 504 Identification, Evaluation, Placement, and Hearing Procedures



700 Students


701-1 Code of Behavior

711-1 Student Registration Requirements and Procedures

711-2 Withdrawal of Students

711-3 Residency

712-1 Student Placement — Placement of Twins or Higher Order Multiples

713-1 Student Exchange Programs

714-1 Foster Care: Educational Stability, Registration, and Enrollment of Students

715-5 Disclosure of Child’s Disciplinary and Criminal History Prior to Enrollment

718-1 Students Experiencing Homelessness
718-1, Attachment I - Written Notification of Enrollment Decision
718-1, Attachment IIWritten Notification of Enrollment Decision Appeals Request
718-1, Attachment IIIPrince William County Public Schools Residency Information Form McKinney-Vento Act (Reauthorized by Every Student Succeeds Act, Title IX, Part A)
718-1, Attachment IV - McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act (Reauthorized by Every Student Succeeds Act, Title IX, Part A) Rights and Responsibilities
718-1, Attachment V - Transportation Request and Agreement

721-1 Student Transfers —Kindergarten/Elementary/Middle School
Attachment I. Writable Transfer Form for Grades K–8
Attachment II. Student Health Information
Attachment III. Verification of Child Care

721-1 (Spanish) Transferencia de Estudiantes — Kindergarten/Escuela Intermedia

721-2 Student Transfers
Attachment I. Writable Transfer Form for Grades 9–12
Attachment II. Student Health Information

721-2 (Spanish) Transferencias de estudiantes Escuela secundaria 

722-2 Home Instruction by Parents

722-3 Academic Placement of Students from Non-Public Schools and Approved Home Instruction Programs

723-1 Age of Entrance

723-2 Verification of Date of Birth

723-4 Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirements

723-5 Physical Examination

723-6 Immunization Requirements

724-1 Attendance and Excuses

724-3 Early Dismissal of Students During School Hours

725-1 Students Eighteen Years of Age and Older

726-1 Furlough

728-1 Release of Students From Compulsory School Attendance

728-2 Religious Exemptions

728-3 Full Day Schedule for Students

730-1 Conduct

731-1 Appeal of Student Matters

733.01-1 Bullying of Students

734-1 Student Dress and Appearance

735-1 Prohibited Substances

735-2 Smoking/Possession and/or Use of All Tobacco Products

735-3 Student Assistance Program

737-1 Searches and Seizures

738-1 Complaint Procedures for Student Claims of Discrimination or Harassment

738-2 Title IX - Access to Education Programs and Activities

738-3 Harassment of Students

738-4 Non-Discrimination Against Students on the Basis of Disability

741-1 Corporal Punishment

743-1 Student Discipline

744-1 Short-Term Suspension of Students

745-1 Long-Term Suspension or Expulsion of Students

745-2 Discipline of Students with Disabilities

745-3 Discipline of Summer School Students

745-4 School Board Disciplinary Committee Procedures for Student Expulsion Appeal Hearings

745-5 Readmissions and Exclusions/Admissions

745-6 Long-Term Suspension and Expulsion Appeals to the School Board

746-1 Disruptive Student Behavior — Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion

747-1 Office of Student Management and Alternative Programs (OSMAP)

751-1 Insurance

753-1 Management of Blood Donor Programs in the School Setting

753-2 Management of Head Lice in the School Setting

753-4 Health Procedures to be Used in Cleaning Instructional Equipment

753-5 Experiments with Human Body Fluid or Human Tissue

753-8 Management of Student Bite Injuries

754.02-1 Physical Examinations for Athletics

756-1 Physical Screenings and Testing

757-1 Management of Temporary First Aid and Emergencies in the School Setting

757-2 Management of Allergic Reactions in the School Setting/School Age Child Care: Administering Epinephrine Auto-Injection

757-3 Management of Students with Health Treatment Plans

757-4 Management of Medication Administration in the School Setting

757-5 Management of Asthma in the School Setting
757-5 Attachment —Virginia Asthma Action Plan (fillable form)

757-6 Management of Diabetes in the School Setting
757-6 Attachment I — Virginia Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP)
757-6 Attachment II — Diabetes Treatment Log
757-6 Attachment III — Students with Insulin Pumps and/or Continuous Glucose Monitors

757-7 Management of Epileptic Seizures in the School Setting/School Age Child Care

757-8 Management of Students with Cancer in the School Setting

758-1 Activating Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in the School Setting

758-2 Procedures for Emergency Medical Care at Games, Practices, and Other Extracurricular Activities

758-3 Management of Stock of Unassigned Epinephrine Administration in the School Setting

758-4 Management of Naloxone Administration in the School Setting

759-1 Concussion Management and Education

761-1 Psychological Services

761-2 Mental Health Procedures

763-1 School Social Work Services

771-1 Child Abuse and Child Neglect Reporting Procedures

775-1 Weapons and Other Prohibited Objects

777-1 Threat Assessment Procedures

778-1 Suicide Prevention

782-1 Parental Access to Lockers

790-1 Definition and Amendment of Student Educational Records

790-2 Disclosure/Access to Student Educational Records

790-3 Release of Directory Information

790-4 Management of Student Educational Records

790-5 Unauthorized Access or Disclosure of Student Educational Records

794-1 Resolution of Conflicts Between Parents Over School Issues

794-2 Court Orders Affecting Custody or Issued for the Protection of the Child

794-3 Enrolling and Withdrawing the Child

794-4 Completion of the Student Emergency Card

794-5 Parents’ Rights Regarding Information About the Student

794-6 Resolution of Conflicts Between Parents Regarding Release of the Child

794-7 Access to the School, School Conferences, and School Activities

794-8 Participation of Nonparents in the Child’s Education

795-1 Student Privacy and Parental Access to Information



800 Facilities Development



801-1 School Site Acquisition Procedure

801-2 Easement on School Sites

801-3 Residential Development Impact Statements

803-1 Disposition of Property

810-1 Capital Improvements Program

810-2 Current and Projected Student Enrollment

810-3 Portable Classrooms Located on School Sites for Instructional Purposes

810-4 New Construction — Equipment and Materials

810.05-1 Elementary School Program Capacities

812-1 Educational Specifications/Procedure

854-1 Naming of School Facilities and Buildings

854-2 Naming of School Facility Components

854-3 School Ceremonies - Dedication Plaques for New Schools

890-1 New Construction and Modifications to Buildings, Equipment and Grounds

890-2 Student Walkways

892-1 Telecommunications Facilities on School Property



900 Community Relations


910-1 External School Communications

911-1 Directories and Publications

912-1 Public Access to Information and Documents

913-1 Service of Legal Process, Summons and Subpoenas Upon School Division Personnel or for School Division Records

918-1 Format for Publications and Other Reports

923-1 Commercial Advertising

924-1 Annual Employee Charitable Campaign

925-1 Distribution of Materials and Communications in the Schools by Outside Sources

926-1 Visitor Identification

930-1 Community Use of School Facilities
Attachment II, Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2018)

930.01-1 Summer Enrichment Clinics/Camps

930-2 Community Use of High School Athletic Facilities
Attachment IV, Fee Schedule (Effective July 1, 2018)

940-1 Public Concerns and Communications with The School Division

950.01-1 Public and Private Partnerships with the School Division

950.02-1 High School to Work Partnerships

950.03-1 Relations with Community Organizations, Public School and Educational Technology Foundations

951-1 Parental Involvement in the Schools

951-2 Booster Clubs and Other Approved Parent Groups

966-1 Police Contact With Students


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