Senator Kaine teaches a government class at Forest Park High School
Posted on 05/14/2018
Tim Kaine at FPHSRecently students at Forest Park High School had the opportunity to attend a government class taught by Senator Tim Kaine. Sharing his experiences as a mayor, governor and now senator, Kaine taught the students about the legislative process and explained the differences between the executive branch and the legislative branch from a first-hand perspective.

Using two pieces of legislation, Kaine helped the students understand the different ways that legislation can be passed. Kaine explained that his experiences at the local levels of government give him a unique position in the Senate, which he uses to help the other members understand the challenges of implementing possible legislation at the local and state level.
The students and Kaine had a lively Q & A session at the end of the class that encouraged participation, allowing the students to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the current political climate and how government applies to them. Kaine encouraged the students to continue to be activists in their community and said it is up to the students to decide where they want to focus their activism and attention next, with the November elections being an obvious choice.

“I encourage all students to make sure they are registered to vote, be involved and get engaged with candidates that you support,” said Kaine.