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Math Activities

Put that cup of change to good use

Activity to do with spare change

PWCS Math Intervention Specialist Donna Stofko posted this math activity on her Twitter page. What a fun way to learn how to add quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies to make change.


How Many In the Cup?

How many items in the cup

Dr. Kathleen Morris, administrative coordinator in the Office of Student Learning's elementary Title I mathematics program, shared this "How Many in the Cups?: At Home" activity to design a game that practices multiplication with items you have around the house.


Brain Teaser

Math problem to solve vertically and horizontally

Featherstone Elementary Fourth-grade teacher Monique Watford posted this math problem on her Twitter page. Stretch your brain. Can you solve it?




It's a lock!

Math activity with finding the correct number for the lock.

This game has been played on everything from a chalkboard to a computer. This is a great number puzzle. In this example, use the clues to try to solve the combination lock problem. Consider designing a version of this puzzle with your own twist.

Social Studies Activities

A Taste of Virginia

Regions of Virginia Cookie Decorating

Fifth-grade Kilby Elementary School teacher Emily Mingus shares this activity to reinforce the the 5 regions of Virginia.

Materials: Cookies, icing, food coloring, toothpick or fork, five containers for icing such as zip lock bags,

  1. Using a butter knife, shape cookie dough as close as possible into the shape of Virginia and bake. 
  2. Before decorating, prick small holes in the cookie as a guide for your icing. Look at a picture of the regions like the one below to help you!
    The five regions of Virginia
  3. Split your icing into your five containers and color the icing in each a different color. If you are using zip lock bags, cut off a small triangle in the corner to act as your piping bag.
  4. Fill in each region, using your small holes as a guide. Try your best not to go over the lines. You can use your toothpick to help encourage the icing to fill in the whole section.
  5. Let dry, and enjoy!

Let's Talk Toys

A Barbie and a game controller in silhouette on a blue background.


Mary Williams Elementary teachers offered this learning activity that gives adults a stroll down memory lane and students a combined history and language arts lesson.

Ask an adult about what their favorite toys were when they were your age. Find a picture of one of these toys, then write three sentences about how this toy is similar to your favorite toy. Next, write three sentences about how their toy is different when compared to your favorite toy.   


So Far Away or Maybe Not?

Map with distance between home and a relative

Using Google Maps, locate a relative or an important person to you. How far (in miles) does that person live from you? How far do they live from the Equator, North and South Poles?  


Civics and Government

Fill in worksheet for Civics

Fill in worksheet for Civics

Saunders Middle School shared these activities to help students test their knowledge of government and laws. Click on the images above for printable copies of the worksheets.  Answers below.


Answers to Historical Documents Worksheet

Answers to Levels of Government worksheet