U.S. Education Official Shares PWCS Success for Pre-K Families
Posted on 09/15/2016
Dr. Libby Doggett reading to preschool class.Preschool class.

U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education, Dr. Libby Doggett, read to eager 4-year-olds during a visit to Featherstone Elementary School to highlight PWCS programs that give 625 preschool families a giant boost toward success.

Preschoolers at table

At Featherstone, Doggett met just a few of the students spread among 11 preschool classes across PWCS. Only days into the school year, children are mastering shapes, letters, numbers, and a wide range of vital learning and life skills

Dr. Libby Dogget visits preschool class.

PWCS blends state, federal, and local support to serve families through Head Start, the Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI), and VPI+ programs. Beyond class time for students, the programs help many families learn English, provide health, nutrition, and budget training for parents; and create connections to libraries and other important local services. Involving parents is key to preschoolers’ success.

Preschoolers at work.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Doggett got details from PWCS Preschool Program Supervisor Kathy Channell, Featherstone Principal Dr. Daria Groover, and Associate Superintendent for Western Elementary Schools Jarcelynn Hart. The three shared the Division’s commitment to expanding preschool efforts and to monitoring student progress for years to come.

Eager four-year-old.

The value of early childhood education was evident just next door, where Kindergarten students were building on learning foundations created in preschool. Doggett offered high praise for the preschool effort and the gifted team who make it work for PWCS families.