Third Site Layout Revision for Elementary School at Prince William Parkway Released by PWCS
Posted on 11/06/2016
Eastern Elementary School IconBased on ongoing discussions with the Sycamore Ridge community, as well as input received from the public, the Office of Facilities Services has developed a third version of a proposed site layout for an elementary school located at 4060 Prince William County Parkway. The proposed elementary school is scheduled to open in September 2019.

The newly revised site layout further moves the school building and improvements away from the existing homes in the Sycamore Ridge community. The first version of the site layout, presented at a Community Meeting on October 3, 2016, showed the closest improvements 35 feet from a property line shared with the Sycamore Ridge Homeowners Association. Version two of the site layout increased that distance to 94 feet. This third version further increases the distance to 120 feet. The School Division will commit to leaving as much of this area undisturbed as possible.

All three versions of the proposed elementary school site layout allow PWCS to use a site adaptation of an existing school design. Adapting an existing school design to this site, rather than completely redesigning the school facility to fit the site, saves the School Division about $500,000, as well as the additional time required to solicit proposals from architects. Developing a new design would also likely move the school’s opening back from September 2019 to September 2020.

John Windley, Director of the School Division’s Office of Facilities Services, said of the new site layout, “This revision yields an effective site design at a reasonable cost, taking into consideration school, student, and employee safety issues. We hope the community will agree that this layout minimizes the impact on the surrounding neighborhoods, while providing these desperately needed elementary school seats.”

PWCS plans to submit this proposal to the Prince William County Planning Commission for a required Public Facilities Review (PFR) hearing.

Details of the latest proposed layout, along with previous versions, are located here: