Ham Radio to the Rescue! Antietam Fifth Graders Connect with the Nauticos Crew
Posted on 05/01/2017
Nauticos Crew and Antietam Elem

SIGNET students at Antietam Elementary School recently had an amazing opportunity. They participated in a remote lesson via radio as Nauticos and the Eustace Earhart Discovery Expedition team search the Central Pacific for Amelia Earhart's lost Lockheed Electra.

Kathy Lamont, the Gifted Education teacher, worked with Tom Vinson, who is part of the expedition team, to facilitate the remote lesson with the Nauticos crew. The fifth-grade students researched the ship’s sonar capabilities to map the ocean floor and studied the ill-fated flight of Amelia Earhart to prepare for the ham radio call.  They presented what they learned to their classmates, then used what they learned to prepare questions to Vinson on the ship.   

Video of the contact itself is available for viewing here.