Colgan places 3rd at Scholastic Nationals Regatta
Posted on 06/28/2017
Photo of Nicole Michelsen and Elizabeth Hall at SRAA Nationals

The Colgan High School Girls Varsity two-person rowing team of Nicole Michelsen and Elizabeth Hall won third place at the Scholastic Rowing Association of America Championship Regatta, May 26-27, in Camden, NJ. After placing second in the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association Championships held May 13, the duo set their sights on the National Regatta.  Their determination and hard work paid off, and have helped to pave the way for Crew at Colgan High School in the future.

The following Prince William County School crew teams are recognized for receiving bids to participate at Nationals:


Boys Varsity 8 - C: Ashley McCaulley 8: Daniel Conrad 7: Corbin Libby 6: Ryan Smith 5: Bart Creed 4: Kyle Mergler 3: Spencer Sutherland 2: Mark Gonzales 1: Bryce Eighmey

Boys 2nd 8 - C: Frederick Hagen-Gates 8: Matthew Jesswein 7: Philippe Demartin 6: James Williamson 5: Alec Yeager 4: Zack Brown 3: Armand Richardson 2: Liam Byars 1: Gabriel Santana

Girls Ltwt Varsity 4+ - C: Angel Webster 4: Monica Barrera 3: Shannon Fiedler Fiedler 2: Aura Manzanares 1: Meghan McNulty

Girls Junior 8 - C: Khalima Compy 8: Hailee Hobbs 7: Liliana Gomez 6: Tifany Barahona 5: Vanessa Chambers 4: Alecia Grogman 3: Farah Tirari 2: Mia Marquez 1: Katherine Yost

Boys Freshmen 8+ - C: William Rhodes 8: Nicholas Wood 7: Kyle Protacio 6: Ethan Hart 5: Ryan Coulter 4: Joseph Sundquist 3: Aidan Perkins 2: Ryan Ehlers 1: Samuel Smith


Boys Varsity 2x - 2: Nazir Lee 1: Ryan Wernlein

Boys Varsity 1x - 1: Cole McNamara

Girls Junior 2x - 2: Isata Sankoh 1: Lily Shannon

Forest Park

Boys Junior 8 - C: Chase Jackson,8: Richard Alexander Romano 7: Jakob Manne 6: Seth Sherwood 5: Brenden Beasley 4: Robert Stankovich 3: Kaj Mosley 2: Alexander Haskovec 1: Brandon Bremer


Girls Varsity 2x – 2: Nicole Michelsen 1: Elizabeth Hall

Girls Junior 2x - 2: Lydia Nicolai 1: Sydney Tolbert

The SRAA Championship Regatta is an invitational event that brings together in a single weekend of racing high school teams from around the Country.  This year’s SRAA Championship Regatta was attended by 178 schools participating in 32 contested events with 543 entries/boats to be named National Champions.  Invitations are earned based on finishes in qualifying Regional/State Championship Regattas.  Congrats to all PWCS teams who went and participated.