School Board and Community Thank Shawn Brann for Exemplary Service
Posted on 10/09/2017
Picture of Shawn Brann with Board Members

Effective October 9, 2017 Shawn Brann, Acting School Board Member for the Brentsville Magisterial District, steps down from his post and Gil Trenum resumes his position after a year’s military deployment to Africa. 

School Board members, principals, and others praised Brann for his service during the board’s meeting on October 4 (see video below). Several principals of schools in the Brentsville District expressed their appreciation, noting Brann's commitment to serving his community, willingness to listen to every perspective, and support of parents and staff. The Superintendent and School Board presented Brann a memento and held a reception for him following the meeting.

Gil Trenum is expected to attend the School Board meeting scheduled for Wednesday, October 18. 

School Board members presenting Shawn Brann memento