students in classroom

Field Observations of 40 hours or less

The student should directly contact the school. Per Regulation 511.10-1, any student who will be in a school for 15 hours or more weekly must complete our online substitute/temporary/volunteer application (PDF) and be fingerprinted.

Students should provide a copy of their syllabus and any related assignments to the school to support the request.

Field Experiences that require direct contact with students

The university representative should contact the Department of Human Resources for approval. Per Regulation 595-1, field experiences that consist of observations in classrooms or schools shall be approved and placed at the discretion of the school principal and in accordance with procedures established with the college or university and Department of Human Resources. 

Colleges/universities should submit to the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator a list of all students completing observations or field experiences in Prince William County Schools.

Future educators may apply for student teaching and internships in PWCS through their college or university.