Gar-Field Principal honored for collaboration, effectiveness, and excellence in programs and student achievement.
Posted on 05/17/2017
Picture of Gar-Field HS principal and students

Cherif Sadki, principal of Gar-Field High School, is the 2017 Outstanding High School Principal of Virginia. Announced  today by the Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, the honor  recognizes Sadki for creativity and imagination in bringing about positive change; improving the educational program and student achievement; ensuring a school climate that reflects high staff and student morale; and for involving the community in the life of the school.

Dr. Sadki will represent the Commonwealth of Virginia as a nominee in the National Principal of the Year program.

“Dr. Sadki’s tireless work and natural leadership abilities led to significant growth for Gar-Field students overall, especially our English Learners,” said Superintendent Steve Walts. “His work is a regional and national model for serving English Learners.”

Since he took the helm of Gar-Field four years ago, Dr.  Sadki has implemented standards-based grading, increased academic performance for all students, and significantly boosted graduation rates among English Learners. Nearly half of Gar-Field’s 2,500 students speak a language other than English at home, and they gained from Dr. Sadki’s transformation of the teaching model to embed English instruction in the core curriculum. A hands-on administrator, he often teaches classes to demonstrate how English language learning can be part of the classroom environment.  

Dr. Sadki restructured the math department, enabling significant progress in student learning and accreditation for the school. He worked with staff to replace old grading practices with more effective and collaborative strategies, and he set language goals in addition to curricular goals.

Through his visionary leadership, Dr. Sadki earned the respect and support of his school’s diverse community. Parents gave Gar-Field a 93 percent satisfaction rate for teacher quality, and similar ratings for family involvement in decision-making and instructional programs, services, and opportunities. Sadki’s patient, yet persistent, approach with teachers also brings praise; the school has one of the highest teacher satisfaction rates in PWCS.

Congratulations to Dr. Cherif Sadki on his selection as Virginia’s Outstanding High School Principal—a leader showing the way to Providing A World-Class Education and representing the best high school principals in the Commonwealth!
Gar-Field High School principals & students