PWCS Gets Great News on Accreditation Review
Posted on 03/29/2017
Great NewsA 16-person team of education experts from across the U.S. says it is recommending PWCS for its third 5-year system accreditation by AdvancED, based on its impressive performance in critical areas. AdvancED evaluates School Divisions on the impact of teaching and learning, leadership capacity, and use of resources.  The preliminary PWCS findings are stellar.

AdvancEd evaluators assess, and make improvement recommendations for more than 32,000 schools worldwide.

The organization’s experts reviewed reams of information on PWCS student performance, and on school and Division practices. Reviewers then fanned out across the Division for three days of intensive school visits at 18 schools and interviews with parents, students, teachers, administrators, support staff, School Board Members, and others.

The final AdvancEd report and official accreditation designation is expected in about a month, following the organization’s review of the External Review Team’s recommendations. However, while still unofficial, the team said PWCS has reason to celebrate the way it is serving students and the community.