PWCS congratulates assistant principals who completed three-year Leadership Academy.
Posted on 05/10/2017
Picture of assistant principals


Sixteen PWCS assistant principals recently capped off the final session of the three-year PWCS Assistant Principal Leadership Academy, showcasing research projects each had completed that support their school’s improvement plan.

Picture of Assistant Principal Graduates of Leadership AcademyQuarterly seminars designed and led by Natalie Bonshire, Supervisor of Leadership Development, Office of Professional Learning, provided professional learning opportunities on continuous improvement; collaboration with stakeholders; and planning, implementation, monitoring, and assessment of action plans. 

A special thank you goes to the associate superintendents, experienced assistant principals, and central office directors who supported these sessions through their presentations and discussions. We wish these educational leaders the best as they continue their administrative career in PWCS.

Jenita Boatwright, Stonewall Middle School
Ken A. Burton, Springwoods Elementary School
Matthew Carbo, Brentsville District High School
Pamela Delgado, Fitzgerald Elementary School
John Geisinger, Forest Park High School
Michelle Heindrichs, Graham Park Middle School
Chris R. Hintosh, Battlefield High School
DeLores Lucas, Patriot High School
R.J. Lucciotti, Ashland Elementary School
Danny Miller, Montclair Elementary School
Marisa Miranda, Dumfries Elementary School
Karen Najjum, Kilby Elementary School
Stacy Norwood, Potomac High School
Beth Nuckles, Henderson Elementary School
Katherine Salas, Brentsville District High School
Sherra Thomas, Fred M. Lynn Middle School