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The Basics

  • School begins Monday, August 26, 2019.

  • For orientation and back-to-school events, please visit your school website. The school calendar and news feeds provide these important details.

  • Supply lists are posted on the majority of elementary and middle school websites. High schools don't generally post lists. Start with the basics. Your student's teachers will communicate what is needed for their class.

  • Bell times (PDF) for each school are available online or on the My PWCS mobile app in your school details.

  • 2019-20 School Calendar

Staying Connected

Welcome to The Hub

The Hub logo

PWCS is excited to share The Hub, a new portal for parents, teachers, and students to access educational information. This new tool will give you access to your child's bus and class schedules, grades, attendance information, and more. 

Make sure we have your most current contact information. This will ensure you don't miss out on essential information. You can send us updates by editing your email address and phone number through The Hub or by contacting your school.

Go to ParentVUE Go to StudentVUE

Mobile Phone displaying My PWCS app

PWCS uses an automated notification system through School Messenger to communicate with parents and staff about important news. Schools use the system to alert parents to school events, student absences, and other important information. Please don't unsubscribe or block us. If you do not want to receive email or text from us, please customize your notification preferences. You may also update the Messages section of the My PWCS app. 

Visit the Staying Connected webpage for additional information about PWCS communication.



Bus Information

New this year! Bus schedules available in The Hub.

Parents and students can view their preliminary bus schedules in The Hub (via ParentVUE and StudentVUE). Bus route information can change in the beginning of the school year due to student enrollment and the Hub offers parents and students the ability to receive the most up-to-date bus information. 

Bus schedules will not be emailed to parents/guardians and due to security reasons, we will not post bus routes to our website. During the school year, you can get real-time information on bus routes via Here Comes the Bus which you can access from your My PWCS mobile app. 

Kindergarten students must be accompanied to and from bus stops by a parent, guardian, or other designated individual. All Kindergarten parents/guardians must complete a Kindergarten Authorization Form, and return the completed form to your child's school. Your child will only be released to authorized person(s) who are: (1) listed on the kindergarten authorization form and (2) have a valid government/state ID to present to the bus driver each day. Your child will be returned to the school if there is no authorized person at the bus stop or the designee does not have a valid government/state ID.

Schedule/Class Assignments for 19-20

New this year - Class schedules to be available in The Hub!

Friday, August 16

  • Elementary school teacher assignments will be available
  • Middle and traditional school schedules will be available 

(*Many elementary schools will also provide teacher assignments via postcards mailed to the address on file.)

Wednesday, August 21
  • High and non-traditional school schedules will be available 

School Food and Nutrition

Attendance Policy and Guidelines

(Regulation 724-1)

Virginia law requires that all children of compulsory school attendance age attend school each day that school is in session unless otherwise provided for by School Board policy or Virginia law. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that their children attend school regularly. Parents should be aware that attendance officers are authorized to enforce attendance requirements, and to refer students and/or their parents to the courts for legal action, if necessary. 

Learn more about Student Attendance 

What Parents Should Know - Emergencies: PWCS is Prepared

PWCS safeguards schools and everyone in them through numerous building security features, emergency protocols, and close planning and coordination with first responders. Police-employed School Resource Officers (SROs) and security personnel employed by PWCS combine to provide ongoing patrols and onsite threat deterrence. Emergency communications systems link each school to 911 dispatchers.

Emergencies are rare, but when they happen or there's even a potential risk, our schools are ready.

Learn more about crisis management plans in PWCS

Code of Behavior

The Code of Behavior (COB) includes important information to guide students and adults toward success in our School Division. It is vital for parents and guardians to understand the policies, responsibilities, expectations, and rules summarized and to emphasize their importance to students. With your help, we can ensure a positive and safe learning environment in all our schools.

We deliver the Code of Behavior (COB) primarily online to keep costs down. Print copies remain available, but only on request. A parent or guardian for every student must sign and return the Emergency Card sent home the first week of school to acknowledge your awareness of COB content as required by law under Virginia Code §22 1-279.3. Use these “rules of the road” to navigate opportunities and challenges in PWCS, while protecting the health, safety, and rights of PWCS students and staff, and the quality of our learning environment.


Go to Code of Behavior

Forms and Documents

This year, PWCS will be providing the majority of essential forms and documents usually disseminated the first week of school right here in our Back to School Portal. Please expect limited printed materials to come home with your children including:

Emergency Card - Please be sure to complete/update emergency card and return the signed document (your signature and your student's required) to your student's school. Your signature on the Emergency Card acknowledges receipt of information about the Code of Behavior, legal responsibilities as a parent under Virginia Code §22 1-279.3, Internet Acceptable Use Standards and release of directory information.

PWCS Calendar/Guide- This document, containing important information and dates, features student artwork and will be distributed one per student.

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