School Health Advisory Board

School Health Advisory Board (SHAB)


The purpose of the School Health Advisory Board (SHAB) is to advise the school division on broad topics or on specific aspects of the coordinated school health program. Areas of concern include, but are not limited to: mental health, school nutrition, health education, health services, physical education, staff wellness, school climate, dropout prevention, school safety, violence prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, and family life education. SHAB provides guidance and serves to advocate school health concerns. SHAB assists with the development of health policy in the school division and the evaluation of the status of school health, health education, the school environment, and health services. SHAB will hold meetings at least semi-annually and report annually on the status and needs of student health in the school division to any relevant school, the school board, the Virginia Department of Health, and the Virginia Department of Education.


SHAB will operate in accordance with the established expectations set forth in pending bylaws and established norms.

2023-24 School Health Advisory Board Members

School Board Representatives District
Erica Tredinnick School Board Representative, Brentsville District
c/o B L. Simpson/A. Udaeta-Tay/L. Bickham
Justin Wilk School Board Representative, Potomac District
c/o B L. Simpson/A. Udaeta-Tay/L. Bickham
Member Representatives Title
Ashley Ausborn Sports Medicine Coordinator, Student Learning
Vacant Director of Student Health and Wellness
Jacob Edwards Supervisor of Crisis Management, Risk Management Department
Tina Fairbanks Student Health Services, Clinical Team Leader
Dr. Vanessa Gattis President and CEO of Prince William County Community Foundation (PWCCF)
Dr. Martin E. Grimm Director of Student Activities
c/o Hilda G. Layne, Administrative Assistant II
Bishop Leonard Lacey United Faith Christian Ministry in Stafford
Melissa Laitinen Head Start, Health Specialist
Dr. Miriam Saad Lender Physician Practice Lead Internal Medicine and Pediatrics
INOVA Medical Group Gainesville
Heather Martinsen Therapist IV-Behavioral Health, Wellness Supervisor,
Prince William County Community Services
Connie Meade Administrative Coordinator, Student Health Services, PWCS
Brenda Miller-Dorick Supervisor of Student Health Services
Silvia Nakasone Manager, Healthcare Access, Partnership for Healthier Kids
Camille Obcemea Student Representative, Unity Reed High School
c/o Tiffany Hope, Director of School Counseling
Lilly Ortega-Torres Student Representative, Woodbridge High School
c/o Joseph Lederman, Director of School Counseling
Dr. Ronald Pannell Supervisor of Specialized Education, PWCS
Ayanna Randall School Nurse, Student Health Services
Linda Woods Nurse Manager, Prince William Health District, Manassas
Kristi Young Parent