Superintendent's Advisory Council on Instruction (SACI)
Meeting held via Zoom
March 11, 2021


7:04 p.m. Welcome- Karen Martin, Chair SACI

February Minutes approved as written.

Approval of Bylaws

Last month proposed changes were presented to the Council. A draft copy of the revised Bylaws, with the changes shown, was emailed to Council members for review.
Members of the Bylaw committee realized we needed to make a couple of additional changes to the election procedure section to more accurately reflect current practices.
Motion was presented to add to following changes to the draft Bylaws:

  1. Under Section IV (Officers), C (Election Procedures), 1 (Nominations), add the phrase "and members of the Executive Committee who are in" after All Individual School Representatives when describing who can run for an officer position. This was suggested so that current officers who may not be currently representing a specific school will be eligible to run for an officer position the following year.
  2. Section IV (Officers), C (Election Procedures), 2 (Elections), B add the sentence at the end "Officers may serve as Individual School Representatives but are not required to do so". This was suggested to allow members who are not sure if they will be asked to represent their school next year the opportunity to serve as an officer.

Motion accepted to include the new terminology to the proposed Bylaws.
Motion was approved to accept the Bylaws as amended.
These Bylaws must be submitted to the Superintendent for review prior to being adopted.


At our next meeting, we will have elections for the executive committee for the 2021-22 school year. Terms begin on July 1.

You must be present at the meeting next month to run. You can self-nominate, or someone can nominate you. Terms are 1-year terms, so all positions are open.

Duties of the Executive Committee:
We usually start preparing for the upcoming year in August.
The Officers are involved in the various committees to include the writing committee, bylaw review committee.
Officers run the breakout sessions at the meetings
Officers participate in the Best Practices Conference.

Annual Report Writing

Instructions: Due to the short turn around time for the report due to the timing of Spring Break we sent out a survey to start the preparation for this meeting. Members were asked to provide feedback on Commendations for the school division, both at the school level and at the division level. Members were also asked to identify additional questions and/or suggestions they might have in relation to the topics we covered this year. These topics were: Mental Health, Technology/Communication, Grading Practices, and the Budget. The survey also asked about ideas for "Quick Fixes" and Possible topics to be addressed next year at our meetings. Suggestions from the survey were added to the Jamboards to help start the discussions within the groups.

Members divided into Breakout rooms to identify report topic ideas.

Report Writing Subcommittee

The report writing subcommittee will begin work immediately on the report. If interested in being on that subcommittee, please let us know via chat or email an Officer. Our first meeting will take place March 18 at 6:30 p.m.

Best Practices Conference

This year will be held on Thursday May 13 from 7-9 pm. It will be held virtually. This conference brings together SACI members and PTO members from each school to share what is going well at the schools. This year we will cover 5 topics and you should be able to rotate to all topics. The school principals will be sent a registration form to forward on to attendees. The sessions will be similar to the breakout rooms we use each month for SACI. We will follow up with more information at our next meeting.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:06 p.m.