Office of the Superintendent

Office of the Superintendent

LaTanya D. McDade, Ed.D.

Deputy Superintendent

Carol E. Flenard, Ed.D.

Chief of Staff

Elisa M. Botello

Director of Research, Accountability, and Strategic Planning, Tim Neall

  • Supervisor of Data Analysis and Reporting, Dina Ashley
  • Supervisor of Records Center, Tracey Beaver
  • Supervisor of Research and Program Evaluation, Christina Kuriacose
  • Supervisor of Strategic Planning and School Improvement, Joscelin Lockhart
  • Supervisor of Testing, Paul Parker

Associate Superintendent for Central Elementary Schools

Todd Erickson

Central Elementary Schools

  • Ashland Elementary
  • Bel Air Elementary
  • Bennett Elementary
  • Coles Elementary
  • Dale City Elementary
  • Enterprise Elementary
  • Fitzgerald Elementary
  • Henderson Elementary
  • Kerrydale Elementary
  • King Elementary
  • Kyle Wilson Elementary
  • Lake Ridge Elementary
  • Marshall Elementary
  • McAuliffe Elementary
  • Minnieville Elementary
  • Montclair Elementary
  • Pattie Elementary
  • Penn Elementary
  • Rosa Parks Elementary
  • Signal Hill Elementary
  • Springwoods Elementary
  • Washington-Reid Preschool Center
  • Westridge Elementary

Director of Elementary Schools, Kathryn Forgas

Director of Elementary Schools, Valerie Hardy

Associate Superintendent for Eastern Elementary Schools

Kimberly Werle

Eastern Elementary Schools

  • Antietam Elementary
  • Belmont Elementary
  • Covington-Harper Elementary
  • Dumfries Elementary
  • Featherstone Elementary
  • John D. Jenkins Elementary
  • Kilby Elementary
  • Leesylvania Elementary
  • Mary Williams Elementary
  • Marumsco Hills Elementary
  • Neabsco Elementary
  • Occoquan Elementary
  • Old Bridge Elementary
  • Potomac View Elementary
  • River Oaks Elementary
  • Rockledge Elementary
  • Swans Creek Elementary
  • Triangle Elementary
  • Vaughan Elementary

Director of Elementary Schools, Kathryn Forgas

Director of Elementary Schools, Valerie Hardy

Associate Superintendent for Western Elementary Schools

Kimberly Gudinas

Western Elementary Schools

  • Alvey Elementary
  • Bristow Run Elementary
  • Buckland Mills Elementary
  • Cedar Point Elementary
  • Chris Yung Elementary
  • Ellis Elementary
  • Glenkirk Elementary
  • Gravely Elementary
  • Haymarket Elementary
  • Innovation Elementary
  • Loch Lomond Elementary
  • Mountain View Elementary
  • Mullen Elementary
  • Piney Branch Elementary
  • Sinclair Elementary
  • Sudley Elementary
  • T. Clay Wood Elementary
  • Tyler Elementary
  • Victory Elementary
  • West Gate Elementary
  • Yorkshire Elementary

Director of Elementary Schools, Kathryn Forgas

Director of Elementary Schools, Valerie Hardy

Associate Superintendents for Middle Schools

Corey Harris

Middle Schools

  • Benton Middle
  • Beville Middle
  • Bull Run Middle
  • Gainesville Middle
  • Marsteller Middle
  • Pennington Traditional School
  • Potomac Middle
  • Rippon Middle
  • Saunders Middle
  • Virtual Academy
  • Woodbridge Middle School

Catherine Porter-Lucas

Middle Schools

  • Fred M. Lynn Middle
  • Graham Park Middle
  • Hampton Middle
  • Lake Ridge Middle
  • Parkside Middle
  • Porter Traditional School
  • Potomac Shores Middle
  • Reagan Middle
  • The Nokesville School
  • Unity Braxton Middle

Director of Middle Schools, Joe Graczyk

Associate Superintendents for High Schools

Greg Hood

High Schools

  • Charles J. Colgan Sr. High School
  • Freedom High School
  • Gainesville High School
  • Osbourn Park High School
  • Patriot High School
  • Unity Reed High School
  • Woodbridge High School

Departments & Programs

  • Independence Nontraditional Schools
  • Student Activities Management
  • Virtual Prince William High School
    • Supervisor of Virtual Prince William, Brett Helman

Keith F. Wolfe

High Schools

  • Battlefield High School
  • Brentsville High School
  • Forest Park High School
  • Gar-Field High School
  • C.D. Hylton High School
  • Potomac High School

Departments & Programs

  • Governor’s School at Innovation Park
  • Juvenile Detention Center
  • PACE West
  • Student Activities Management

Director of High Schools, Tanganyika Millard

Director of Student Activities Management, Martin Grimm

Associate Superintendent for Special Education

Ashley Reyher, Ed.D.

Director of Special Education - Programs and Development, Wendy Martin-Johnson

Assistant Director of Procedural Support, Amanda Mallory
  • Supervisor of Eligibility, Shelley Legall-Brickey
  • Supervisor of Preschool Support, Kim Legault
  • Supervisor of Regional Program, David Williams
  • Supervisor of Related Programs, Tracy Bannon

Director of Special Education - Specialized Instruction, Aimee Holleb

  • Supervisors of Early Childhood Special Education
    • Rebecca McGuire
    • Melissa Miller
  • Supervisors of Specialized Instruction
    • Megan Everett
    • Heather Grim
    • Kathryn Johnson
    • Ronald Pannell
    • Jessica Tra

Director of Tiered Intervention and Supports, Darwin Barker

  • Supervisor of Multi-Tiered System of Support, Desmond Dawkins

Associate Superintendent for Student Services and Post-Secondary Success

Denise Huebner

Director of Career and Technical Education, Sarah J. Martin

  • Supervisor of Career and Technical Education, Christine Good

Director of Student Health and Wellness, Vacant

  • Supervisor of School Age Child Care, Glynis Taylor
  • Supervisor of School Social Work Services, Anthony Clark
  • Supervisor of Student Health Services, Brenda Miller-Dorick
  • Supervisor of Student Prevention Programs and Family Assistance, Tamaica Martin

Director of College, Career, and Student Support, Rebekah Schlatter

  • Supervisor of College and Career Counseling Services, Anaid Shaver
  • Supervisor of Elementary Counseling and Related Services, Anne Henry
  • Supervisor of Secondary Counseling and Support Services, Jane Prince
  • Supervisor of Social and Emotional Learning, Heather Wines

Director of Student Management and Alternative Programs, Dara Dugger

  • Supervisor of Nontraditional Education Programs, Wendy Downey
  • Supervisor of Student Management, Rupi Bhatti
  • Supervisor of Threat Assessment, Dolores Robison

Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning

Stephanie Soliven

Director of Professional Learning, Tiffany Hardy

  • Supervisor of Integrated Professional Learning, Alycia Hakes
  • Supervisor of Instructional Coaching, Meaghan Sekinger
  • Supervisor of Leadership Development, Michele Webb
  • Supervisor of Talent and Growth, and Development, Eric Worcester

Director of Student Learning, Ashley Cramp

  • Supervisor of English Language Arts, Carla Drew
  • Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts, Annamarie Bollino
  • Supervisor of Health, Physical Education, Driver Education and Family Life Education, Rebecca Howery
  • Supervisor of History and Social Science, Jeffrey Girvan
  • Supervisor of Library Media Programs and Research, Diane Stinson
  • Supervisor of Mathematics, Justin Maffei
  • Supervisor of Science, Julia Renberg

Director of Student Opportunity and Multilingual Services, Lynmara Colón

  • Supervisor of Advanced Academics and Specialty Programs, Kelly Brown
  • Supervisor of EL Instruction, Christina Lo
  • Supervisor of Gifted Education and Talent Development, Brenda Bailey
  • Supervisor of Global Welcome Center, Helga Sanchez
  • Supervisor of Preschool Programs, Amanda Wilder
  • Supervisors of Sustainability of Federal Programs
    • Barbara Bottoms
    • Cheryl Lawrence
    • Kristine Lentz-Johnston
    • Trista Mason
    • Felicia Norwood
  • Supervisor of Title I, Michelle Rowe
  • Supervisor of World Languages, Betsy Campagna

Chief Equity Officer

Charmelle Ackins (acting)

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Compliance, Charmelle Ackins

  • Supervisor of Compliance, Vacant
  • Supervisor of Family and Community Engagement, Yanet Boyd

Chief Financial Officer

Shakeel Yusuf

Director of Budget, Joseph Mondoro

Assistant Director of Budget, Kathleen Addison
  • Supervisor of Budget, Natasha Valencia

Director of Finance, LaToya Thomas

Assistant Director of Finance, Rene Gapasin

  • Supervisor of Accounting Services, Taft Kelly
  • Supervisor of Business Applications, Venkatram Mogili
  • Supervisor of Payroll, Carol Beninca
  • Supervisor of Purchasing, Colleen Keener
  • Supervisor of Supply Services, Daniel Pickering

Chief Human Resources Officer

Donna Eagle

Director of Human Resources, Michele Salzano

Assistant Director of Human Resources, Michelle Colbert

  • Supervisor of Administrative Recruitment and Retention, Connie Balkcom
  • Supervisor of Classified Personnel, Jennifer Rydholm
  • Supervisor of Classified Personnel, Julie Vuillemont
  • Supervisors of Elementary School Personnel
    • Amber Macerelli
    • Alfie Turner
  • Supervisor of Employee Relations, Matthew Wygal
  • Supervisor of High School Personnel, Ryan Ferrera
  • Supervisor of Labor Relations, Bondy Gibson-Learn
  • Supervisor of Middle School Personnel, Roberta Knetter
  • Supervisor of Performance Management, Natalie Bonshire
  • Supervisor of Recruiting and Specialty Programs, Sean P. McDonald
  • Supervisor of Special Education Staffing and Recruitment, Scott Reeder
  • Supervisor of Substitutes and Temporary Employment, Christi Hetrick

Director of Benefits and Compensation, Joseph Makolandra

  • Supervisor of Benefits and Retirement Services, Elisa Pickett
  • Supervisor of Classification and Compensation, Eunice Bourque

Chief Information Officer

Matthew Guilfoyle

Director of Communications, Diana Gulotta

  • Foreman of the Imaging Center, Bill Goswellen
  • Supervisor of Interactive Media and Creative Design, James Lepp
  • Supervisor of Multimedia Design, Maria Dellafave
  • Supervisor of Web and Social Media Services, Stan Olshefski

Director of Community and Business Engagement (also serves as executive director of SPARK, the Education Foundation for PWCS), Dawn Davis

Director of Information and Instructional Technology, AJ Phillips

Assistant Director of Information and Instructional Technology, Ken Melnikoff

  • Supervisor of Information Systems Support, Debbie Miller
  • Supervisor of Instructional Technology, Kim McGee
  • Supervisor of Network Services and Architecture, Chris Hinzman
  • Supervisor of Information Security, Jordan Milbert
  • Supervisor of Student Information Systems, Adam Nash
  • Supervisor of Virtual Learning and Innovation, Timothy Cruz
  • Supervisors of Workstation Support
    • Lucky Davila
    • Scott LaCasse
    • Howard Pond

Chief Operating Officer

Vernon J. Bock

Director of Facilities, Heather Diez

Assistant Director of Facilities, Vacant
  • Supervisor of Construction, Vincent Santmyer
  • Supervisor of Field Operations, Jason Mastrangelo
  • Supervisor of Facilities Management, Rodney Clayborn
  • Supervisor of Planning and Financial Services, David Beavers
    • Supervisor of CIP and Land Acquisition, Matthew Townsend
    • Supervisor of Energy Management and Sustainability, Jessica Weimer
    • Supervisor of Planning, Matthew Cartlidge

Director of Food and Nutrition, Andrea Early

Assistant Director of Food and Nutrition, Mary Shildneck

Director of Risk Management and Security, Ronald Crowe

Assistant Director of Risk Management and Security, Dawn Harman

  • Supervisor of Crisis Management Readiness, Jake Edwards
  • Supervisor of Risk Management, Bill Miller
  • Supervisor of Security Operations Center, David Brown
  • Supervisor of Security Services, William Desmond

Director of Transportation, Robbin Marshall

  • Supervisor of Bus Operations, Heather Handschin
  • Supervisor of Transportation Planning, Maurice Moore
  • Supervisor of Vehicle Services, David Walton