Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) last established a new Strategic Plan in 2015, to cover the 2016-20 school years. This plan, described as a "20/20 Vision for a World-Class Education," included five main goals and a vision for our graduates. Work on the development of the new Strategic Plan began in 2019.

Principals reflected in spring 2019 upon the existing strategic plan goals, identified new directions, and pinpointed key outcomes. Input was gathered in multiple ways from groups including school-based staff, central office staff, parents, business and community members, and students, with the intent of identifying shared values and key commitments.

All stakeholder groups identified wanting equitable opportunities for all students, at all schools. Teachers identified a focus on equity as a core value. They want interdisciplinary approaches to obtain shared accountability and consistent communication. Teachers believe in a commitment to Family and Community Engagement, leading to learning and achievement for all students.

Parents and school-based leaders equally expressed a desire for a commitment to customer service, transparent communication, and an academic focus on integrity and safety. Principals suggested clearly defining equity while increasing emphasis on personal responsibility.

The community declared a desire for a commitment to integrity and safety. The community also stressed interest in further investment and support for building zero-energy facilities with sustainable energy practices.

The input was developed into a new plan concept which was shared with Board members in December 2019 and broad public input was gathered through an online public comment site. In February 2020, PWCS leadership reviewed the results of the public comment site and stakeholder input, specifically focusing on the vision, mission, prioritized values, and key outcomes.

However, on March 13, 2020, school buildings in Virginia were closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and per the Governor's Order, remained closed for the duration of the 2019-20 school year. The division had to pivot in many ways including implementing a newly defined focus on safety and mitigation so students could return to school buildings in the spring and creating a plan to return to learning. As a result, the School Board voted to delay the adoption of a new Strategic Plan. School Board members provided individual input in early 2021 on the commitments and key indicators of success.

The School Board communicated a desire for additional support to meet the needs of all learners, while promoting a culture of inclusivity. They wish to create more opportunities for EL family involvement in decisions and planning. The Board articulated a need to marshal additional resources and create a tracking system for graduates to identify post-graduation successes. Also important is an expansion and support of pre-school programs, in addition to partnerships with community businesses and county services. The Board is steadfast in their commitment to recruit and retain high-quality staff in PWCS schools and offices.

The vision, mission, values, and commitments included in this Strategic Plan reflect a collective vision for the future of PWCS. The Profile of a Graduate provides a clear picture of the qualities each graduate should possess based on the knowledge and skills developed through the PWCS experience. The goals and strategies in the Strategic Plan provide the targets and roadmap for achieving this vision. A glossary of key terms used in the Strategic Plan is included at the end of the document, along with a research bibliography.