Teaching and Volunteering Opportunities

Teaching and Volunteering Opportunities

Interested in helping adults acquire literacy skills and promote lifetime learning?

The goal of the Adult Education program is to help adults acquire literacy skills and promote lifelong learning in our learners. To accomplish these goals, we work closely with the learner in establishing successful learning experiences, promoting positive self-image and self-confidence, and improving competency in literacy skills by setting and obtaining learning goals.

Teach Adult Education Classes

Instructors must be knowledgeable in the areas of the instructional process, curriculum development, and adult teaching strategies. Must possess personal characteristics necessary to work effectively with adult students, co-workers and supervisors, and community representatives.

Education Requirements

Instructors must hold a bachelor's degree or higher. A valid teaching certificate (Virginia or other) is preferred.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are an essential part of our adult education services. Volunteers enhance the quality of our instructional program by donating their time and effort in the classroom. Volunteers will work closely with an instructor by assisting in a variety of ways. 

Volunteers needed:

  • Teacher's aide
  • Tester or assessor
  • Registration aide
  • Computer lab assistant
  • Special project assistant

Volunteers must be 18 years old or older. Volunteers are scheduled according to availability.

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