School Contact Email
Battlefield High School Lianne Edwards
Brentsville District High School Helena Thorpe
Colgan High School Arts Kris Nelson
Vicki Burns
Colgan High School Academics Jeff Lucier
Forest Park High School Nick Watkins
Freedom High School Bryan Harvey
Gar-Field High School Della Gordon
Hylton High School Cathy Lane
Osbourn Park High School Beth Christensen
Patriot High School Marilyn McGrath
Adrienne Phillips
Potomac High School Christina Cotten
Unity Reed High School Nathan Craddock
Woodbridge High School Kait Laplant
Home school, virtual,
or alternative students
Jackie Overton

If you cannot reach your school contact, please contact Jackie Overton at The school contact is the person whom you give your application to for it to be considered for admission to one of the programs.