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Pathways to Global Citizenship

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The purpose of the Pathways to Global Citizenship program is to encourage students to identify and engage with topics of global significance while developing and refining skills in performance, research, critical thinking, evaluation and synthesis of ideas. As a result, the Pathways program provides thematically-group plans across five academic houses. Upon entry to Gainesville High School, each student will select a preferred academic pathway, intended to ensure that all students have a rigorous academic experience commensurate with their interests and academic goals.

Students will study four courses within their concentration to complete a pathway. Pathways associated with a normal graduation sequence in mathematics, world language and culture, history and political science, and science require candidates to complete six courses within their concentration with at least two at the Advanced Placement level.

Pathways candidates are also afforded the opportunity to propose an Extended Learning Experience (ELE) capstone assessment. ELEs may be related to the student's pathway or in an area of creative or extracurricular interest. Students may complete an ELE and 40 hours of leadership or community service to earn distinction in their academic house. ELEs challenge students beyond the regular array of coursework through pursuits such as: advanced research, writing and directing a play, performing a music recital, interning with an engineering firm through a project, or studying a regional culinary style.

Students may apply for transfer into the Pathways to Global Citizenship Program at Gainesville High School through the Mathematics; Engineering, Design, & Construction; and Biomedical Science Programs.

Note: Applications for this program are open for rising 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students.

Program Type

Transfer Program – Students participating in this program will transfer to the program location for all courses and activities Express Bus Transportation is available to accepted students living outside the program location boundaries through Specialty Program Transportation.

Program Location

Gainesville High School

Coordinator: Dr. Scott

Telephone: 571-248-3200

Email: [email protected]

Visit the Gainesville High School website

Information Meetings

November 16, 2023, 7 p.m. in Gainesville HS Auditorium

January 17, 2024, 7 p.m. in Gainesville HS Auditorium

Attendance Areas
  • Mathematics: Battlefield HS, Brentsville HS, Gainesville HS, Patriot HS, and Unity Reed HS
  • Health and Biomedical Sciences: Battlefield HS, Brentsville HS, Gainesville HS, Patriot HS, and Unity Reed HS
  • Engineering, Design, and Construction: Battlefield HS, Gainesville HS, Osbourn Park HS, and Unity Reed HS