High School

High School Family Life Education

Ninth and tenth graders participate in Family Life Education during their Health and Physical Education I (HPE I) and Health and Physical Education II (HPE II) classes.

The FLE curriculum in HPE I builds upon students' knowledge base of human anatomy, reproduction, reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and pregnancy prevention and disease control. The efficacy of contraceptives in preventing STIs and pregnancy are analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the fact that abstinence from sexual activity is the only way to guarantee the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Students explore teen dating relationships and factors that may lead to dating violence/abuse and exploitation through teen sex trafficking. Students are taught prevention strategies and resources for help and assistance when it is needed.

In HPE II students continue to examine factors that contribute to healthy relationships. Students use decision-making skills to weigh the risks, responsibilities, and outcomes of sexual activity. Student study pregnancy and childbirth and examine factors associated with a healthy pregnancy. Issues related to teen pregnancy including responsibilities of teens as parents and the impacts parenting has on young parents, their families, and society are discussed. Students examine the benefits of postponing pregnancy and childbearing until adulthood.

HPE I and HPE II FLE Curriculum at a Glance

The Parent Information Letter/Opt-out Request Form, Grade Level Objectives, and Instructional Scope and Sequence and Pacing are located in course folders. Learn more about Family Life Education at each grade by clicking on the tabs below.