Appeals Process Overview

Decisions made by the division level Identification and Placement (IDP) Committee may be appealed by parents or legal guardians, resource teachers, classroom teachers, administrators, or other educational professionals within 90 instructional days of receiving notification of the decision. The Appeals Committee meets virtually each month from August through June.

The Appeals Committee is chaired by the Supervisor of Gifted Education and is comprised of a panel of educational professionals who did not serve on other committees (school level or division level) in the identification and placement process. Appeals appointments are scheduled for thirty minutes. During that time, the person initiating the appeal is responsible for presenting evidence that was not originally included in the student's identification folder. The evidence may include, but is not limited to, additional work samples, outside testing results, video/photo documentation, and anecdotal observations. Electronic files may be emailed to Jackie Overton at prior to the appeals appointment. Members of the Appeals Committee may also ask questions to gain further insight into the strengths of the student.

New evidence, along with the original information included in the identification folder, will be considered by the Appeals Committee in regard to identification, placement, and/or delivery of services. In some cases, additional data or information may be requested by the committee. Once a decision is rendered, the person initiating the appeal with be notified.

Steps of the Appeals Process

  • Parent or legal guardian receives notification of the IDP Committee's decision.
  • Person initiating appeal meets with gifted resource teacher to review identification folder and discuss specific areas in need of additional evidence.
  • Gifted resource teacher files appeal request with the Gifted Education Coordinator and appointment is scheduled.
  • Gifted resource teacher communicates appointment date/time and Zoom link to person initiating the appeal.
  • Appeals appointment takes place.
  • Person initiating appeal receives decision of the Appeals Committee.

For more information about Gifted Education's appeals process, contact your school's gifted resource teacher.