Differentiated Services Plans

The differentiated service plan documents how instruction will be adapted to meet the needs of your child as a gifted learner. Your student's Differentiated Services Plan (DSP) will be completed and sent home.

Parents of elementary gifted students will receive their plans in the first quarter as part of the parent teacher conference. These plans demonstrate the opportunities offered identified students both in the classroom setting and in the resource setting. Please contact your gifted education resource teacher if you have questions.

Parents of middle school gifted students will receive their plans according to the service model. Students in year-round programs completed DSPs the first quarter. Students in semester or quarterly programs should expect the DSP prior to or at the time of the beginning of services.

Parents of high school gifted students will receive a mailing in the first quarter that describes the differentiated services that are offered via the gifted program (generally the seminars). By the beginning of the second semester, the students will conference in small groups with the resource teacher and develop long-term plans, and create and revise their four year high school plan to align with long-term plans. This document will be mailed at the end of the first semester.