The Identification Process

In Prince William County Schools, students may be found eligible for gifted services in General Intellectual Aptitude or in one or more Specific Intellectual Aptitudes (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and/or History and Social Sciences). The Identification and Placement process in Prince William County uses multiple criteria. The identification process begins either through general screening procedures or through the referral of a student by a parent, teacher, school staff member, or a community member. Students may also refer themselves. A Referral form (English (PDF), Spanish (Word)) can be obtained here or from the gifted education resource teacher.

An Identification and Placement meeting will be held within 90 school days from the date that written parent permission is received to determine eligibility. The criteria evaluated in gifted education identification process include the following:

  • Assessment of student products or portfolios; student report
  • Parent observations
  • Teacher evaluation and observations
  • Aptitude and achievement test scores
  • Student academic record

Because identification criteria and services vary greatly among localities, transfer students who have been receiving gifted education services in other school divisions do not automatically receive services in Prince William County. The Gifted Education Resource Teacher will review the student's files, and Prince William County's formal identification process will be initiated. In appropriate cases, data required for identification will be collected and combined with data from the student's previous school. When enrolling, please notify the school of the student's identification for services in another locality.