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Preschool Office Staff


Dr. Amanda Wilder - Program Supervisor, [email protected]

Administrative Team

Name and Title Email
Alicia Deatherage - Finance Specialist [email protected] 
Paloma Segura - Preschool Program Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Martha Rodriguez - Eligibility Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Carmen Lopez-Rapalo - Family Services Administrative Assistant [email protected]
Maria Rivas - Family Services Administrative Assistant [email protected] 

Education Team

Name and Title Email
Dr. Camille Kelly - Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Betty Mayers - Education Specialist [email protected]
Cheryl Ellsmore - Education Specialist [email protected] 
Erica Epperson - Education Specialist [email protected]
Jessica Merrick - Education Specialist [email protected]
Sherly Okai - Education Specialist [email protected]

Family Services Team

Name and Title Email
Jennifer Tonkin - Administrative Coordinator [email protected]
Carmen Saez - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Daniella Zappala - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Fernanda Justiniano - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Graciela Gudiel - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Jennifer Montoya - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Jennifer Muddiman - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Jenny Portillo - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Julieta Martinez - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Lissandra Hernandez - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Lucia Morales - Family Service Worker  [email protected]
Rosa Mendez - Family Service Worker  [email protected] 
Roselin Vilcapoma - Family Service Worker [email protected] 
Teresa Rivera - Family Service Worker [email protected] 
Tiana Hubbard - Family Service Worker  [email protected]

Health Team

Name and Title Email
Brittany Henson - Social Emotional Specialist [email protected]
Dominique Green- Social Emotional Specialist [email protected]
Jaimie Harrell - Social Emotional Specialist [email protected] 
Diana Green - Health Specialist [email protected] 
Melissa Laitinen - Health Specialist [email protected]
Kitty Wallace - Nutrition Specialist [email protected] 
Lydia Haile - Nutrition Specialist [email protected] 
Helen Laureano - Health/Nutrition Assistant [email protected]
Mailing Address: Preschool Program, PO Box 389, Manassas, VA 20108
Physical Address: 14800 Joplin Rd., Building 1, Manassas, VA 20112