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Curriculum Supervisor, Language Arts:
Carla Drew
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant III:
Angie Sowers
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator, English Language Arts (K-5):
Julie Gagnon
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator, English Language Arts (K-5):
Karisa Marcy
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator, English Language Arts (K-5):
Elizabeth Landry
[email protected]

Administrative Coordinator for Secondary English Language Arts:
Ryan Holt
[email protected]

Secondary Professional Development Specialist:
Kristin Custer
[email protected]

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PO Box 389
Manassas, VA 20108

14715 Bristow Rd.
Manassas, VA 20112


Teacher holding a sheet of paper standing in front of a classroom full of students

The Language Arts Program supports Prince William County Public Schools' vision that all students will learn to their fullest capacity. Central to Language Arts is the development of a continuum of literacy skills and strategies for students in kindergarten through grade 12. This continuum includes processes critical to reading, writing, speaking, listening, information management, and the use of technology.


We, the language arts teachers of Prince William County Public Schools, hold forth this vision of the curriculum excellence we desire for all our students. As we work with each student, our goal each day is to implement a curriculum which is:

Developmentally Appropriate

The curriculum is developmental in two ways. It is responsive to social, emotional, physical, neurological, and intellectual growth of the student, taking into account background and experiences. The curriculum focuses on developing learning processes that students need for effective lifelong learning.


The curriculum provides a comprehensive and balanced approach to learning which establishes the interdependence of all subject areas in order to meet the needs of the whole child.


The curriculum motivates students to achieve their full potential through creative, stimulating, and thought provoking learning experiences.


The curriculum is relevant, applicable, and effective in providing students the opportunity to set purposes for learning in meeting their needs within a changing society.


The curriculum stimulates thinking and reasoning which foster flexibility, excitement, and challenge to accommodate and adapt to the ever changing needs of a technological and mobile society.


The curriculum reflects and is responsive to the cultural diversity of this nation and our community so that students develop a sense of pride in their heritage, respect for others, and an awareness of global interdependence in all aspects of life, including the environment and the economy.


The curriculum encourages learning experiences that enhance the self-worth of each student and develop a sense of appreciation for natural curiosity, creative exploration, and the fine arts.