Biology I

Biology I content and skills are based on the Virginia Standards of Learning for Science. Biology I is designed to provide students with a detailed understanding of living systems. Students investigate biochemical life processes, cellular organization, mechanisms of inheritance, dynamic relationships among organisms, and the changes in organisms through time. Skills necessary to examine scientific explanations, conduct experiments, analyze and communicate information, and gather and use information in scientific literature continues to be important. The importance of scientific research that validates or challenges ideas is emphasized. Tools and technology, including computers, calculators, probes and sensors, and microscopes are used when feasible. Students will use chemicals and equipment safely. Mathematics, computational thinking, and experiences in the engineering design process are important as students advance in their scientific thinking.

Biology I Standards of Learning and Assessment

Full implementation of the 2018 Standards of Learning (SOL) begins with the 2022-23 academic year. State testing of the 2018 SOL starts in spring 2023. To access the 2018 Science SOL, please visit the Virginia Department of Education Science Standards of Learning website.


Dr. Julia Renberg
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