Grade Four Science Content and Skills

Grade Four Science content and skills are based on the Virginia State Standards of Learning for Science. Content is organized in level-appropriate units. At grade four, students develop fundamental science process skills including observation, experimental design, data analysis, and graphing. These skills are applied to content in each topic.

Key topics studied in grade four include:

  • Scientific Investigation, Reasoning, and Logic
  • Force, Motion, & Energy
  • Resources
  • Life Processes
  • Earth Patterns, Cycles, & Change
  • Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
  • Living Systems

Grade Four Science Standards of Learning Implementation and Assessment

During the 2020-21 school year, grade four students will learn content in each key topic and practice the science investigative and engineering design skills outlined in the 2018 standards. They will be assessed on the 2018 standards at the end of their fifth grade year. In subsequent years, grade four students will learn and be assessed on the 2018 standards.

The 2018 Science Standards are located below.