To qualify for participation in the PW-MRSEF, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Attend grades six-eight (Middle Division) or nine-12 (Senior Division) in a public or private school, or are home-schooled, in Prince William County or the Manassas Region;
  • Participate in your local science and engineering fair;
  • As a winner of your local fair (first and/or second place), register your project with the PW-MRSEF; and
  • Submit all required forms as described in the 2022 Handbook for Participation (PDF).

Please note the following as you begin planning for your local science fair:

  1. Senior Division participants must use the online science fair software system, Scienteer, to register their projects, obtain approval of research proposals, and submit all required ISEF forms. Please get in touch with your school science fair coordinator to receive a link to register yourself in Scienteer;
  2. Middle Division participants must use appropriate PW-MRSEF forms before conducting their research. Please get in touch with your school science fair coordinator for additional information;
  3. To prepare for the 2022 virtual regional fair, please review video tutorials on creating an effective PPT and a video recording of your presentation.

For any questions, please contact Julia Renberg, Director of Prince William-Manassas Regional Science and Engineering Fair, at