Students explore various career fields and examine occupational interests at this level. Students will begin to focus on improving and gaining skills required for the workplace. They will practice solving real-world problems by increasing their self-advocacy and communication skills in the classroom. Some of the workplace readiness skills focused on include: how to search for employment; effective workplace skills; maintaining a safe and healthy work environment; and improving independent living skills.


Students in EMPLOY II will focus on skills to search for employment, participate in job interviews, maintain successful employment and will continue to learn essential self-advocacy and communication skills to be used in the workplace.


This course encompasses two class periods (double block) as the students will be participating in High Quality Work-Based Learning (HQWBL) internships in the community. These internships are unpaid; however, the students earn two credits per class. These internships allow students to practice the skills they previously learned in EMPLOY I and II classes in a real-world environment. Students will receive job coaching as needed by the EMPLOY teacher and/or business supervisor. Please note: All internships will be at the entry level and will not replace a current employee of the business


The focus of EMPLOY IV is the culmination of work skills learned through the EMPLOY program into a paid job. In collaboration with the school’s Transition Specialist, EMPLOY teacher, and the employer, students spend most of their school day at a work placement, in which they are paid by the employer. Students fulfilling the requirements of the course will earn one elective credit.

Spotlight on Schools

Students at Patriot High School enrolled in the Employ courses participate in school-based work readiness activities such as the Patriot Employ Apparel Shop. The Apparel Shop provides students with 21st century hands-on opportunities to further their job skill development in vocational training. While students learn and practice these skills within the school building, they are then able to transfer these skills out into the community when participating in our Employ III internships and Employ IV paid job courses

EMPLOY is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) course provided to students with Individualized Education Plans (IEP) by the Special Education Department in each high school within Prince William County Public Schools. EMPLOY classes align with the Workplace Readiness Skills for the Commonwealth of Virginia and are considered a High-Quality Work-Based Learning program. The EMPLOY Program offers EMPLOY I, EMPLOY II, EMPLOY III, and EMPLOY IV classes. Students on the Advanced/Standard diploma track are enrolled in EMPLOY classes based on the IEP team’s decision that the student requires specialized instruction in pre-vocational, vocational, and general work experience. Students must complete any combination of two EMPLOY classes, in sequence, to earn the CTE completer and meet sequential requirements for a Standard diploma. Students on the Applied Studies Diploma track may be placed in the EMPLOY III (Internship) class through their IEP. Once the IEP team has determined that the student has successfully completed Community-Based Instruction (CBI) through their classes, they can be recommended for EMPLOY I or II.

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