Transition Support Services

Transition Support Services

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Transition Specialists facilitate the student's transition to post-secondary roles by providing the following quality transition support services:

  • Transition assessment,
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of effective transition plans,
  • Facilitating linkages with adult services, vocational training and post-secondary education providers and other community resources,
  • Partnering with businesses to develop community-based learning opportunities including paid and unpaid occupational

Employment related services provided include:

  • Supporting students in their career development,
  • Sharing occupational, community labor market and job referral information,
  • Coordinating job shadowing and situational assessment opportunities,
  • Resume preparation, job-seeking and job-retention skill development,
  • Community-based job development and placement

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Administrative Contacts

David Williams, Ed.S., Supervisor
[email protected]

Ann Johnson, Administrative Coordinator
[email protected]

Wendy Morris, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected]