Comprehensive Child Services

Comprehensive Child Services

What is Comprehensive Child Services (CCS)?

Comprehensive Child Services is a divisionwide initiative under the Special Education Department serving students attending any of Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) program. It was created in 1999 as an early intervention program for the elementary schools to support students experiencing academic difficulty due to factors outside of the school/learning environment. It was determined that there was a need for increased collaboration between PWCS and the Prince William County Community agencies in order to support these students and families. Since then, a collaborative team has been created to include agencies such as Community Services, Department of Social Services, Court Services, PWCS, etc. to best serve the needs of the entire Prince William County community.

At this time CCS is comprised of six social workers who work directly with students and families to assess needs, determine how the needed services may be most appropriately accessible, and execute a plan in collaboration with students, families, and community agencies to obtain the needed supports.

Who can access CCS Services?

The CCS process is accessible to all PWCS students who are experiencing some type of academic difficulty due to factors that are outside of the school/learning environment. Family income, immigration status, primary language, size of the family, student's eligibility for special education services, etc. are not necessarily barriers to accessing CCS.

How is a CCS referral made?
Generally, students and families work with their school-based teams to address the child's needs, and if it is determined that additional supports are needed beyond what that school-based team can provide, a referral to the CCS team may be recommended. The explicit consent of the parent/guardian is required before a referral can to be sent to CCS.
What happens after the CCS referral?
Once a referral is received the CCS team will assign the student to a case manager. The assigned case manager will collaborate with the school team, reach out to the parent, meet with the parent (and sometimes student), complete a needs assessment, obtain consent to speak with other stakeholders (therapists, doctors, etc.) and determine best next steps with the family. Collaboration will occur with all parties and a plan will be created and executed by the team.

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Administrative Contacts

Ronald H. Pannell, Ph.D.
[email protected]

Sonia Cate, Administrative Assistant II
[email protected] 

Nadia Lysohir, Registrar
[email protected]

Comprehensive Child Services Staff

Michael Abramson, LCSW
CCS Specialist
[email protected]

Caitlin N. Orr, MSW
CSS Specialist
[email protected]

Sheri C. Danner, LCSW
CCS Specialist
[email protected]

Denise Naples, MSW
CCS Specialist
[email protected]

Nicole Raymo, LCSW
CCS Specialist
[email protected]

Kerry Rojas, LMSW
CCS Specialist
[email protected]