Special Education Home Learning Resources

Special Education Resources

For Students who Participate in the Essentialized Standards (VAAP)

Social, Emotional and Behavioral

Reading and Math

Speech Language

AssistiveWare Core Content Words


  • See links with free voice charts to model appropriate speech volume to help teach your children to self monitor their own speaking volume even while at home.
  • Class Room Voice Levels

Expressive Language

Receptive Language

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy and Adapted Physical Education

Assistive Technology

Accessibility Options for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Low Tech Manual Boards:

LAMP/Words for Life on an iPad:

Low Tech Eye Gaze Boards

AAC vocabularies on a computer/laptop:
  • PRC NuVoice PASS software
    PASS allows you to run various language configurations (e.g., Unity, UNIDAD, CoreScanner, LAMP Words for Life, WordPower, Essence) on your computer.

Modeling/Aided Language Stimulation

AAC & Literacy: Resources to help you utilize and model AAC while reading with your student.

How to read & model on an AAC device:

Additional Resources:

Accessibility Options for Reading (Text-to Speech access)

On a Computer/ Laptop

Read & Write for Google Chrome:

On an iPad/iPhone:

Text to Speech/Spoken Content

Accessible E Text

Accessibility Options for Math

Numeric Input - On a computer/PC running Google Chrome browser:

Numeric Input - On an iPad/iPhone

Calculator Access - On a computer/PC using any browser

Calculator Access - On an iPad/IPhone

Calculator Access - On an Android

Accessibility Options for Written Expression

Graphic Organizer on a Computer/Laptop

Note-Taking Tools On an iOS or Android Device

Speech-To-Text On a Computer/Laptop

Speech -To-Text On an iPad/iPhone

Word Prediction On an iPad:

Accessibility Options for Productivity

On any computer, mobile device, and tablet

iOS Applications for Microsoft Office

Android Applications for Microsoft Office

OneDrive Applications for Mobile Devices

Office Lens

On an iOS or Android Device

Accessible Instructional Materials for Virginia

Blindness and Visual Impairment


Pre-Braille Activities

Braille Practice (UEB)

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) Resources

Expanded Core Curriculum

Accessible Educational Videos

General Resources

Deaf and Hard of Hearing



Play is a child's work and an essential part of daily learning.

Fine Motor

Fine motor activities for the hand.

Gross Motor

Large motor activities for the body.


Expressive responses used throughout the day and the ability to listen, engage and learn.


Interacting with others.


Understanding of concepts


Exploring different tactile, calming and stimulatory activities

Postsecondary Transition Resources