About Lexia Learning in PWCS

The Office of English Learner Programs and Services is excited to provide PWCS schools with licenses for Lexia Learning.

Students in grades K-five will have access to the Lexia® Core5® Reading program where they can:

  • Develop fundamental literacy skills in six areas of reading instruction that have been identified by national reading experts: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension;
  • Receive scaffolding, corrective feedback, and direct instruction in Core 5 when needed; and
  • Have their teacher monitor his or her progress and performance in the online activities through data reports. These reports help teachers to determine if a student is struggling with a specific skill and requires targeted, teacher-led instruction.

Students in grades six-12 will have access to Lexia Power Up where they can:

  • Build on the English language arts classroom curriculum, focusing on developing skills in three areas essential to becoming a proficient reader: Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension; and
  • Have their teacher provide help when needed based on student progress and performance.

Learn more about Lexia Learning in other languages:

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS - English (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Farsi_Dari (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Arabic (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Urdu (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Vietnamese (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Spanish (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Chinese_Mandarin (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Korean (PDF)

Lexia Home Overview letter for PWCS-Pashto (PDF)

Using Lexia At Home: An introduction for families

Here's a summary of the past training session.

Part 1: We are better together.

  • Families are learning partners to support students' literacy development.
  • The goal is to support learning at school and at home.
  • Lexia provides resources to support learning at home.

Part 2: Lexia's Adaptive Blended Learning Model

  • Adaptive, personalized instruction.
  • Real-time data and reporting for educators to drive instructional priorities
  • Resources for teachers, students, and parents that foster offline personalized learning

Part 3: Instructional Materials

Teacher and Student Led

  • Lexia Lessons®
  • Lexia Skill Builders®
  • Lexia® Connections

Parent and Student Led

  • At-Home Activities
  • Student Choice Boards
  • Home Activity Sheets

Part 4: How can you support your child at home?

  • Provide a headset or earbuds to help them focus.
  • Provide a quiet space free of distractions.
  • Allow your child to work independently; do not provide assistance with the Auto Placement or online learning activities.
  • Create opportunities for your child to spend time in the online program.
  • Encourage your child to discuss their progress and set personal goals.
  • Celebrate success with achievement charts and certificates!

Part 5: Ongoing Support


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