Summer Thrive Program

Summer Thrive Program

Each year, PWCS Title I funds a Summer Thrive Program designed to provide continuous learning during the Summer break. For each level of school, the Summer Thrive Program looks a little different.


For the elementary school level, every Title I teacher specialist distributes pre-created Reading or Math packets to 30 students. Each teacher connects with the 30 families at a Summer Thrive Event. The teachers discuss and explain the importance of summer learning, review materials, and provide ideas and suggestions of things to do with the materials given.

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Middle School

For the middle school level, Title I wants to "jump start" Summer with providing students and families materials to work with over the Summer.  Each Title I middle school will connect with 30 families and invite them to a Summer Thrive Event.  The Title I teachers will discuss and explain the importance of Summer learning and connecting as a family.  Each family will receive math activities and students will have a chance to pick books to jump start their love of reading and math over the Summer.  

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High School

For the high school level, the Prince William County Public Library helps students and families with several topics dealing with career track, college prep, reading during the summer, language learning and more!

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Summer 2024 PWCS Family Engagement Opportunities

Visit the PWCS Family Engagement Series website to stay connected with events being offered.  


Lexia Learning

Lexia Learning resources are available over the summer for all levels: elementary, middle, and high.

Continue your learning with Lexia!

Fitness and Wellness Nutrition Activities

Below is a list of links for resources and information for at-home nutrition and fitness summer activities and opportunities.

Thank you to the Health, Physical and Driver Education Department for providing it.