Title I Middle School Summer Thrive 2021

Welcome to the Middle School Summer Thrive page!

Summer Thrive Reading

Approximately 100 students at each Title I middle school will be able to select $35 worth of books to read over the summer months. We are so pleased to partner with Bookworm Central to have these books mailed home to our adolescent readers. Title I teachers will be reaching out to families of the students they have supported during the school year to explain the process for selecting books, and ways families can support their students with reading at home this summer.

Need more books to read?

Check out books from the library! Go to: PWC Public Library

Find out what events are happening at the library for Young Adult Readers at: PWC Public Library Young Adults Readers

Parents can find more information to support readers at: PWC Public Library for Parents

For digital books download Sora, by OverDrive app.

  • Search for Prince William County Public Schools
  • Sign in with the student's Office 365 account
  • Pick a book, read, and enjoy!

Summer Thrive Math

The 50 students that the Title I Math Specialist selected have received a package of activities and are engaged in a competition.

Competition Details
Use your canvas course to:

  • Module 1, post your flip grid videos showing yourself
    • Playing Absolute Zero Up with family members or friends,
    • Making Origami,
    • Finding math fails in the world.
  • Module 2, submit your work on as many of the Discovery Education activities that you complete
  • Module 3, submit your answers to Dan Meyer's 3 Act Math activities as you complete them
  • Module 4, create your presentation in any form of your choice of your experiences with math over the summer in your life.

Hands-On Materials

Students will receive math game prizes for completion of these activities in Canvas. Also, student work will be eligible to be considered for display on the PWCS website.

Absolute Zero! Family Style

Absolute Zero Game picture

Learn how to play! Watch a video.

Then make a video in Flip Grid of you playing with family and friends. Upload it in the Canvas Course Module 1!


Origami designs

Create your own following directions from videos linked in Module 1 or find your own how-to videos on the internet.

Then make a video of making your origami and upload it in the canvas course Module 1!

Canvas Module Activities

The Summer Thrive Middle School Students have access to the Summer Thrive Middles School Canvas Course. The modules have the following activities.

Math in the Real World

Create a presentation showing your math experiences in the real world all summer long.

This might be:

  • A set of videos;
  • A Canva presentation;
  • A PowerPoint;
  • A Voice Thread;
  • A Flip Grid; or
  • Any type of presentation software you enjoy.

Just show yourself interacting with mathematics in the world.

Upload your presentation in Module 4 in the Canvas course.

Discovery Education Logo

Explore as many of the 8 lessons provided for you.

These are right in Module 2 of the Canvas course and show you some incredible ways to connect your math knowledge to your world!!

3 Act Tasks Logo

Engage in as many of the 3 act tasks as you like in Module 3 of the Canvas course then post your solutions.

Math Fails

Find examples of math fails in the world and video yourself explaining the fail. Then upload the Flip Grid video in Module 1 of the Canvas Course!

Look at these examples:

picture of a sign with clearance 130% off

For this picture, your video would:

  • Explain that 100% off would make the item free
  • Explain that 120% off means the company is paying you to take it!!

Sign that say now 7.50 each

For this picture, your video would:

  • Explain that the coast was $8.00
  • Explain that if you are saving $1.00 the new cost should be $7.00 not $7.50