Summer Thrive Middle School

Title I Middle School Summer Thrive 2023

Welcome to the Middle School Summer Thrive page!

This year, each Title I middle school selected 30 families to receive reading and math materials. The 30 students have access to extra activities on the Title I Summer Thrive 2023 Canvas Course.

Summer Thrive Reading

Students were able to "jump start" their reading this summer by selecting three books each from our Summer Thrive Bookfair Collections. Families were encouraged to pick the books together.

Tips for choosing a book:

  • Browse the front and back covers or the book flap.
  • Read the summary that is given about the story.
  • Explore the inside of the book.
    • Do you know the genre (kind of) book it is?
    • Does it have pictures to help understand the story?
    • Skim the story. Do you like how the author writes?

Families are encouraged to start a Family Book Club!

Read, discuss, and write about the stories.

Tips for writing:

  • Write in a journal.
  • Write post-it notes to each other about the book.
  • Write a letter, postcard, or email to family members telling them about the story or characters in the story.

Rate the books you are reading! Reading Summer Thrive Rate My Book Log

Need more books to read?

Check out books from the library! Go to: PWC Public Library

Find out what events are happening at the library for Young Adult Readers at: PWC Public Library Young Adults Readers

Parents can find more information to support readers at: PWC Public Library for Parents

For digital books download Sora, by OverDrive app.

  • Search for Prince William County Public Schools
  • Sign in with the student's Office 365 account
  • Pick a book, read, and enjoy!

Summer Thrive Math

Host a Family Game Night!

Each family received four games to play together and build math skills!

  • Absolute Zero game to build positive and negative number strength.
  • Number Rings game to build number operation strength.
  • SET game to build translation and rotation strength.
  • Mancala game to build strategy strength.

Rate the games every time you play! Math Summer Thrive Rate the Game log

Hands-On Materials

The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) has resources for families & communities to use over the summer. All materials are listed by grade level. Watch the information video at the top of the page to learn more.

Parents can find more information to support math at: VDOE Mathematics Resources for Families

Highlight on two games. Learn how to play two of the four games.

Absolute Zero! Family Style

Absolute Zero Game picture

Watch a video to learn how to play Absolute Zero.

This game helps to build math skills by using negative and positive numbers. Great skills to have when paying for items and balancing a banking account.

Number Rings

This game is similar to Discovery toys Sector 18!

Watch a video to learn how to play Number Rings.

This game helps to build math skills by using all mathematical operations. Great way to build basic math skills.

Canvas Module Activities

The 30 students from each Title I middle school will have access to the Title I Summer Thrive Middle School Canvas Course.

The modules include several activities for students to use over the summer months.

Some of the activities included are:

  • Online math and reading games to build skills.
  • Real world math in action.
  • Resources for access to more books to read.
  • Writing activities to build skills.