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SPOT Applications

Teachers having a discussion in a classroom setting.

"Supporting the Practice of Reading and Writing Theory in Elementary Classrooms," or SPOT as it is commonly called, is a professional development class for elementary teachers.

Purpose of SPOT

To equip classroom teachers with effective reading and writing instructional techniques and to help them see the theory/research behind their instructional practice

  • To have teachers practice new instructional techniques in a supportive environment
  • To bring language arts instruction into alignment across the division
  • To assist teachers in working with the lowest-achieving readers in their classrooms

Unique Features of SPOT

  1. Teachers can earn up to 90 recertification points to completing all assignments and meeting the following attendance requirements of: 30 hours of assessment training in August and six three-hour classes after school starts
  2. Materials that supplement the core language arts series are provided for each participating teacher by the school. These materials may include professional books, books for differentiated instruction, manipulatives (magnetic letters, easels, etc.).
  3. Peer Coaching - each school has a SPOT facilitator who acts as a peer coach for the teachers in the SPOT classes
  4. Visits to other SPOT teachers' classrooms to see implementation of strategies

Class Design of SPOT

  • Comprehensive Literacy Model of Instruction
  • Participants are grouped by grade level spans (K-1, 2, 3-5)
  • SPOT classes available to address reading, wiring and phonics workshops
  • Theory and practice linked together using a model, process, practice, feedback structure
  • Supportive professional learning culture that includes sharing, problem-solving, and providing feedback to one another

Contact Us

For more information regarding taking a SPOT class, please contact:

Michelle Rowe
Supervisor of Title I and Early Literacy
Phone: 703-791-7248
Email: [email protected]

For questions regarding the SPOT classes, please contact:

Kathy O'Hara
Email: [email protected]