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  • Cooking and Learning Spanish

    Hylton's Spanish 2 Class Cooks Flan with Teacher, Mrs. Laura Hernandez Fernandez

    After Hylton HS students practiced the vocabulary in the PWCS level 2 curriculum using a flan recipe among others, they were asked to create their own cooking show to submit in Canvas. Or, as another optional activity, they could follow their teacher, Sra. Hernandez Fernandez, while she cooked a flan with them ready to participate, too. Like a live TV cooking show, fully in Spanish, they used the vocabulary for the cooking utensils, food items, and the process itself. Students could cook at the same time with their parent's help and engage in asking questions for clarification of their teacher. Needless to say, students enjoyed the lesson and the dessert. Delicioso!

    second photo of teacher laura hernandes HHS

    Photo of teacher Laura Hernandez Hylton HS