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  • National Foreign Language Week

    National Foreign Language Week, March 6-12, 2022

    Brentsville HS Students Celebrating FL Week

    The theme for this year's National Foreign Language Week is: "Celebrate humanity through language". National Foreign Language Week is a reminder that Prince William County Schools (PWCS) offers 10 languages for formal study: American Sign Language (ASL), Arabic, French, German, Latin, Italian, Russian, and Spanish. All language study focuses on the five Cs or the Virginia SOL goals of: Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities.

    Over 12,000 PWCS students are enrolled in language study in middle and high schools. PWCS is proud to have six World Language Elementary Specialty Schools, where all students in these schools learn French or Spanish in first through fifth grade. Eight additional elementary schools are preparing for the Primary Years International Baccalaureate Program and will offer a world language to all students in their schools as part of the program.
    Some PWCS celebrations during March include applying the use of world languages to many multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural communication activities such as creating bumper stickers in another language; showcasing PWCS international students' cultures with presentations to students across classes; organizing an Idol competition with international music and songs, announcing key information in multiple languages; competing in poster contests; having students identify their home language on large wall displays and writing messages in their home languages; and identifying the key features of their home language or country on hand prints among other attractive multi-lingual visuals. PWCS students and families represent an average of 100 heritage languages from 130 countries. Linguists report over 6,000 actively used languages throughout the globe. Being bi- or multi-lingual is a lifelong skill that increases cognitive ability at any age, especially for younger students; prepares all students to be more competitive in the global market and for any career path; and provides students the interpersonal communication skills essential to be a more effective friend, neighbor, leader, or citizen of our community.