Effective September 23, 2015, Prince William Co Public Schools (PWCS) will be delivering electronic transcripts to post-secondary education institutions to enhance the level of service provided to former students. PWCS will be sending PESC and AACRAO compliant certified PDF transcripts through a service called ScribOrder.

The PWCS e-Transcript process is as follows: 

  1. The former PWCS student (or institution) requests a transcript at https://pwcva.scriborder.com
  2. PWCS Records Center receives the request and prepares the transcript for a certified PDF delivery.
  3. The receiving institution will receive an email from scribonline@scribsoft.com.
  4. Open the email and select the hyperlink to download the transcript from ScribOrder.
  5. On the ScribOrder web page, select "Send New Code".
  6. Open your new email and copy your Validation Code and select the hyperlink.
  7. On the ScribOrder web page paste (or type) in your code and select Verify.

Select “Download” and the certified PDF transcript will be downloaded. If you have any questions about e-Transcript delivery or experience technical difficulties, please contact support@scribsoft.com