Community Use of Schools & Facilities

COMMUNITY USE AND FACILITIES – community use of the school facilities will be permitted as follows:


  • Parking lots are accessible for activities as approved through the current building use process.
  • Field use is permitted at the elementary and middle schools and only as scheduled through the PWC Department of Parks and Recreation in accordance with the Cooperative Agreement between PWC and PWCS.
  • High school field use is permitted for activities as submitted and approved through the current building use process.
  • Indoor use is set to resume as of Wednesday, May 5. If you were using a school location for events prior to the closure or if you have inquired about indoor use during the pandemic, you will be notified directly by Risk Management of the reopening.
  • Appropriate physical distancing practices and all other guidelines in accordance with the CDC, the Governor's Executive Order #72, and PWCS guidelines must be observed by all organizations and their attendees.

Important: During the 2020-21 school year, Information Technology will be performing Planned Network Maintenance. For a list of scheduled dates and unavailable applications, visit the Monthly Maintenance Outages webpage for additional details.

It is highly recommended that those interested in reserving space at a school facility review Regulation 930-1, Community Use of School Facilities for additional information.

Looking for info to reserve the PWCS Aquatics Center instead? Visit the PWCS Aquatics Center webpage.

The community use program provides an opportunity for groups, organizations and individuals to conduct activities meant to enrich and serve the communities in which they live. The school facilities may be reserved to host such events, but only at times when they do not interfere with normal school operations.

Such activities include, but are not limited to:  religious ceremonies and gatherings, dinner banquets, music concerts, art and cultural festivals, dance competitions, and organizational meetings. To begin the reservation process, please click on an option below:

Contact Us

For reserving space at the school facilities:

Tiffany Minor
Phone: 703-791-7435 
Fax: 703-791-7404

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