Scheduled Network Outages Offer Efficiency and Predictability

Everyone has experienced headaches associated with unplanned network outages for maintenance and repairs.

Each school year a single network shutdown will be scheduled on announced weekend dates each month, with a goal of eliminating unscheduled outages and allow users to plan around times the network will be down. 

Dates will only be changed as a last resort to address major, unavoidable issues. 


July 11, 2021 

August 8, 2021          

September 12, 2021         

October 10, 2021 

November 2021 - No Planned Maintenance Outage

December 12, 2021 

January 9, 2022

February 6, 2022        

March 6, 2022   

April 3, 2022

May  2022No Planned Maintenance Outage

June 26, 2022