Art Applications Timeline

The Arts application process requires a local audition, an application, and a state audition. The timeline for auditions is as follows:


Artists should complete the preliminary application online prior to the local auditions (both are only available during the sign-up window of October 3-23). The information in the preliminary application aligns with page two of the state application and is used  in the case of a tie in local audition scores.


Artists participate in the local auditions (Nov. 2). The local auditions are used to determine the 18 artists in each area that will represent PWCS in the state auditions. Once PWCS informs you that you are one of the qualifying students to audition at the state level, complete the full application, which will be emailed to you including the information you entered in the preliminary application.

For the local audition for 2020-21, students will be sent a link the week prior to auditions. They will upload their video audition (dance, theatre, music) or portfolio content (visual) prior to the Nov. 2 auditions. The judges will use this in scoring and students will interview with the judges during the virtual audition. Audition times and Zoom links will be sent the week prior to auditions.

After the local auditions, students will be notified if they are moving on to state auditions. They will be sent the state application which will be completed and turned in to their SRGS building contact.  Artists should request two teacher recommendations. Teacher "A" must be a current art teacher in your art area. Teacher B can be another art teacher, classroom teacher, or (unrelated) adult who can comment on your artistic ability/accomplishments.

Please note the differences in the local and state audition criteria. Currently, the state audition is scheduled to be live. 


Artists should work on preparing for the state auditions. Your art teacher at school is a good person to help you review your performance/portfolio.

Applications will be due to the school point of contact.


State auditions are held on January 8 (evening) and 9 (day) at Briar Woods High School in Loudon County


Early in the month, the county will notify you if you are one of the 14 applicants in each area that PWCS can send to the state for final consideration to the program. 


Acceptance information is sent by the state.

June 27- July 24

Program takes place at Radford University.


Art Applications Scoring

The arts applications are scored based on a combination of the state audition score, the application, with the two score items are the "Page 2" (training, experience, and honors) and the statement of interest.

Auditions are worth 72 points of the application. Audition requirements are available by clicking on the art area below:

Visual Art Adjudication (Word)
Music Adjudication Please note that vocalists must provide their own accompaniment for state auditions
Theater Adjudication (Word)
Dance Adjudication (Word)

Page 1 Personal and Demographic Information
Page 2 Training, Experience, and Honors: One point is awarded for each item. Each year of training can be listed as a separate item. Training is classes taken in the art area (school or private study), experience is performing experience (or art shows for visual artists), and honors can include formal awards and/or selection for key roles, solos, all-county/region/state groups. (9 points total)
Page 3 Student and parent signatures/initials

Teacher Recommendations: Teacher "A" must be a current art teacher in your art area. Teacher B can be another art teacher, classroom teacher, or (unrelated) adult who can comment on your artistic ability/accomplishments. Teachers must complete a rating scale and narrative (letter). (19 points total)