PWCS statement on internal audit on use of athletic fields
Posted on 09/13/2018
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Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is responding to recent media coverage regarding an audit conducted by the PWCS Internal Auditor into the use of PWCS athletic facilities and a confidential underlying investigation conducted in 2012 by the PWCS Office of Risk Management and Security Services. Those documents featured on Channel 7 and on Channel 9 in interviews of former Board Chairman Ryan Sawyers and Colgan High School’s baseball coach, Mike Colangelo, which contain personnel information protected by law, were released without authorization to the news media in 2017. Media outlets were placed on notice at the time that the records were confidential in nature and had been released without authorization. Until recently, the media has refrained from publishing that confidential information.

The School Division has been in communication with Mike Colangelo and his attorney, who recently indicated that they have records calling into question the accuracy of the audit and underlying investigation and agreed to provide them to PWCS. Upon receipt of those records, PWCS will reopen and reexamine the investigation and the audit as it pertains to Mr. Colangelo and make any corrections that are merited.

Both Mike Colangelo and his brother, Sal Colangelo, Athletic Director for Hylton High School, continue to make valuable contributions to the School Division and many of its students. In response to the recommendations made in the 2012 audit, PWCS continues to address oversight of the use of school and athletic facilities by outside groups to ensure equitable access and implement effective processes for the collection of appropriate fees for such usage.