Haymarket Elementary students enhancing skills through travel news show
Posted on 10/15/2018
Haymarket student reporters broadcast travel news showFrom the Coastal Plain to the Appalachian Plateau, Haymarket Elementary students become travel reporters, and get the scoop on Virginia's vast offerings.

Students in Amy Hale's fourth-grade class were tasked with creating a Virginia Travel News show to be viewed by their fellow students. The recorded program required student reporters to feature the geographical regions of the state, and spotlight the state's natural resources, all while encouraging tourism in Virginia.

Students used the 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, and creation to complete this project, which combined social studies and language arts learning objectives. They worked in groups sharing the research responsibility, and then collaborated to write the script for the show.

The shows were recorded in front of a green screen, technology that superimposes subjects onto a virtual background. Students served in production roles including director, camera operator, news anchor, and travel show reporter(s). All students were researchers, using class notes, textbooks, and online resources to gather information.

"The students are highly motivated and engaged when they know they will have an audience," said Hale. "It's all about teaching them to communicate, collaborate, and problem solve, and then putting that all together to create an end product that showcases their knowledge."

Fourth grader Siyona commented, "I think the project's way better than worksheets because you get to work together."

Hale's approach to teaching is learner-driven, and marries content to skill — and that's Positively PWCS!

Watch Haymarket Elementary "Virginia Travel News" Segments: