Woodbridge High School girls tackle the football field
Posted on 10/19/2018
Sabrena Baig and Madison KinneyThis season, senior Sabrena Baig and sophomore Madison Kinney join the roster for the Woodbridge High School football teams. Being on the team has helped them to be better athletes and stand up to their fears. When asked what it takes to be on the team, both girls said, "Guts! And the confidence that you can play football without losing your nerve."

Playing on the football team was something that Baig would joke about last year. She had superb kicking skills from playing on the Woodbridge Girls Varsity Soccer team, and would jokingly tell teachers and friends that she was the kicker on the football team. Her friend, and now teammate, Taylor Harris, encouraged her to stop joking about it and try out. Impressed with her ability, the coaches invited Baig to attend training camp over the summer. After consistently kicking field goals, she earned a position on the varsity team.

Unlike Baig, Kinney is new to PWCS, so she was surprised when the coaching staff invited her to attend the summer training camp shortly after registering as a student. She had indicated on her new student form that she was interested in playing football – she had played on a girls’ flag football team in Florida last year – and the coaches were interested in seeing her skill level. In addition to playing flag football, Kinney also wrestled, where she placed fifth in the Florida state competition last year. Combining her experience on the football field with take-down skills learned while wrestling, Kinney is now a slot receiver and outside linebacker on the junior varsity (JV) team.

The team has been very supportive. "It is like having a bunch of brothers everywhere we go. We are a family- they are all there for the good and bad days, and they make life so much better,” said Baig and Kinney.

Teamwork helps a village to thrive, and the support of the whole Viking Village for Baig and Kinney is Positively PWCS.

Sabrena Baig and Madison Kinney, Woodbridge HS students, with football coaches