Hylton High School students hear from U.S. presidents at Youth Leadership Initiative
Posted on 10/19/2018
Group of Hylton High School students on benches Fourteen Hylton High School students in Kellie Schofield and Glen Hiler’s social studies classes recently had the opportunity to ask questions of U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe (played by actors) during a symposium sponsored by the University of Virginia. The Youth Leadership Initiative at the UVA Center for Politics is dedicated to increasing civic engagement by providing teachers with the best civics education materials and programs. Research shows that quality civics education programs are essential to creating lifelong citizenship and YLI programs empower students to take responsibility for our democracy.

The symposium focused on the inquiry, “Is Democracy in Decline?”, allowing students to ask questions of the members of the presidential panel. Students also attended a “Jeffersonian Luncheon” with the presidents.

“This really engaged the students,” Schofield said. “In sum, whether democracy declines depends on whether the citizens educate themselves.”

Actors portraying Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and James Monroe