Coles Road Runners, past and present, celebrate 50 years
Posted on 10/23/2018
Staff at Coles in the 1970sOn Friday, October 19, 2018, Coles Elementary celebrated its 50th Anniversary by hosting a “Walk of the Decades” and a ceremony that included both current and past Coles students, families, teachers, principals, and friends.

“Our 50th celebration was meaningful as former and current staff, students, and families could reminisce about how special Coles was and is in the community. All were telling great stories of how Coles is tiny and mighty,” said Kathryn Forgas, principal.

The creativity of the staff was on full display as guests were invited to visit “Decades Rooms” showcasing the pop-culture of various periods from 1968 to the present, along with yearbooks and other Coles’ remembrances from each decade.

The celebration culminated in a selection of songs from the past 50 years, along with the school song, performed by current students. Steve Walts, Superintendent of Schools, reminisced in his remarks about the many great songs shared by the students, as well as his fond memories of Road Runner cartoons (the beloved mascot of Coles Elementary). In addition, past principals of Coles shared their fond memories of the school.

The ceremony also included remarks by Interim School Board Chair Dr. Babur Lateef read by the principal, as well as remarks by Coles District School Board Member William Deutsch, and Gainesville District School Board Member Alyson Satterwhite. Previous School Board Member, Dr. Michael Otaigbe addressed the crowd as well.