Thousands of students are treated to free concert at Patriot HS
Posted on 10/26/2018
Picture of Patriot High School students at outdoor concertHigh School Nation, a touring group created to promote and strengthen the arts curriculum in schools, landed at Patriot High School yesterday and transformed the stadium parking lot into a lively, loud music festival where students could discover their hidden musical talents, explore the arts, and create their own multimedia content. Performers included Silento, Crimson Apple, Band of Silver, Emily Perry, and Emergency Tiara.

“This is awesome,” said Principal Dr. Michael Bishop, as he surveyed the 2,600 Patriot students having the time of their lives, playing instruments at activity stations, getting autographs and selfies of artists, and diving into a ball pit.

“This is an opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with musical instruments, digital media production, green screen photography, and much more, so it is curriculum-related as well as a good break for kids to unwind and reenergize,” Bishop said.
Musical performer Silento
Grant Rodda, a student in guitar class, was one of dozens who played the bass and drums at the Guitar Center booth. “Grant hopes to go into music as a career, and said he loved playing new instruments and meeting other Patriot students outside his guitar class who play instruments,” said Cheryl Seamster, performing arts department chair.

“One of the biggest benefits of the event was the opportunity for the student body to come together and enjoy an event truly centered around them that was positive, fun, and uplifting,” said Seamster. “As we near the end of the first marking period and college application deadlines, many students are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Watching them enjoy live performances and then have the chance to talk to those artists afterwards was also a huge benefit.”

Patriot band student Andy Safo displayed his skill on drums and was encouraged by the event staff, as well as Silento. “He said I’m on the right path; just keep doing what I’m doing, and I’ll go far,” Safo said. “I loved the event and was really excited about the opportunity it presented,” Safo said.

“The event was an enormous success, and everything ran very smoothly, thanks to the great forward planning and awesome staff we had to help put everything together,” said Administrative Intern David van Gelder. “High School Nation donated music performance and digital media equipment at the end of the day. This proved to a wonderful opportunity for our students and staff to come together, ‘As One,’ and share a common experience through the arts.”

“Without the help of Mary McGowan, the purchasing department of our School Division, and the Superintendent’s staff, and specifically Associate Superintendent Michael Mulgrew, we could not have pulled this together,” said Bishop.