Growing a love for reading in our young readers with a Little Free Library
Posted on 11/08/2018
Bennett Little LibraryFirst- and third-grade students at Bennett Elementary School took time on a perfect fall afternoon to dedicate their new Little Free Library. The library, funded by the Prince William Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PWSPCA), is installed just outside of the school at the bus loop. Bennett's librarian, Valerie Klasse and her media assistant, Barb Damato were leaders in the implementation of the little library project.

The short ceremony to dedicate the library was led by Principal Shelley Pohzehl, who explained to the students that they are to be stewards of the Little Free Library.

When asked why the first and third graders were chosen to be stewards of the library, Ms. Pohzehl explained, “So often we select our oldest, our fifth graders, to be a part of celebrations such as this. We know that this little library will be standing for years to come. Our little first graders will watch it as they grow in our school. They will be able to tell the new students about the library and continue to grow a love of literature.”

Todd Erickson, associate superintendent for the central elementary schools, also took part in the dedication ceremony and had the honor of decorating the Little Free Library by placing the first sticker on its side.

The dedication ended with a ribbon-cutting, after which students lined up to look inside the library on their way back into the building.

Books inside of the little library were provided by Bennett Elementary and local neighbors and are geared toward a variety of ages and reading levels. Books can be borrowed from the library for as long as needed and put back after reading or replaced with a different book. The idea is to take a book and leave a book.

Inspiring a lifelong love of reading in our youngest students is Positively PWCS.

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